Direct Enrolment Master

You can enrol directly for the following Master degree programmes. Provided that you meet enrolment requirements, you will get a place on the course. Further information can be found under "Steps towards getting a place at university".

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Enrolment Deadline

Winter semester 2024: 23th September 2024 

If the deadline falls on a Sunday or a public holiday, the deadline ends at the end of that day and is not extended.

The date that the application is received by the University, including all the required documents is decisive.

Start of lectures: 23rd September 2024

Entrance requirements

Language requirements

Most of the Master degree programmes at Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences are taught primarily in German. Therefore, international applicants with a non-German university entrance qualification must prove that they have the German language skills required for the respective course of study:

  • DSH 1 or GER B1.2/2

The proof that one of the above examinations has been passed must be submitted by the application deadline 15.01./15.07. Otherwise the participation in the selection procedure is not possible.

The above mentioned apply to most of MA programmes. However, there is one exception:

  • Focus Research (Automotive Systems Engineering, Electrical Systems Engineering, Mechatronics and Robotics and Mechanical Engineering)

Most of the Master degree programmes at Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences are taught primarily in German. Therefore, applicants do not have to provide a proof of English skills.

If you are applying for the following MA programme

  • Focus Research (Automotive Systems Engineering, Electrical Systems Engineering, Mechatronics and Robotics and Mechanical Engineering)

you need to proof your English language skills by providing one of the following:

  • TOEFL-Test with 550 points (paper-based version)
  • TOEFL-Test with 213 points (computer-based version)
  • TOEFL-Test with 79 points (internet-based version)
  • Cambridge Certificate (Certificate of Advanced English (CAE)) with minimum grade C (passed)
  • TOEIC-Test with 730 points

or continuous stay of at least one year in an English-speaking foreign country as evidenced by studies at an English-speaking university, employment certificates or similar documents. (Not applicable to native English speakers - A native speaker is considered to be someone who was raised in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, USA)

Recognition of certificates

The first step in applying to HHN is to get your international certificate of qualification recognized by the Studienkolleg - Center for International Student. Please send your documents to the following address by post. You can not submit the application by e-mail or online.

Center for International Students
Alfred-Wachtel-Str. 8
78462 Konstanz

Please note that the recognition process is free of charge and requires processing time (4-6 weeks). It is recommended to take care of the recognition of your certificates as early as possible. The certificate of recognition must be received by HHN by the application deadline (15.01./15.07).

Once you have received the recognition of your certificate, you can start the application process at HHN. The assessment of the certificates is based on the guidelines of the Central office for foreign education ("ZaB").

Applicants for Medical Informatics ("Medizinische Informatik") do not have to send their documents to the Center for International Students in Konstanz. They only have to send their documents to Heilbronn University.

For study applications from China, Vietnam or Mongolia, the original certificate confirming the authenticity of their documents or the original certificate from the "Akademische Prüfstelle" ("APS") must be enclosed.

Tuition fees

The state of Baden-Württemberg has passed a law introducing tuition fees for international students not from EU/EEA countries as well as for second degree students. Newly enrolled international students not from EU/EEA countries have to pay tuition fees of EUR 1,500 per semester.

Costs for living and accommodation are not included. Additionally to the tuition fees there is also the semester fee (administration, student services and student’s union) of currently EUR 154.00 per semester.

More Information about tuition fees:

Steps towards getting a place at university

Register online on Heilbronn University`s eCampus portal. You will receive confirmation by e-mail.

After you have completed the online application, you have to print or save the document " Application request " from eCampus and submit the signed form with all necessary application documents to Heilbronn University.

You can either send your complete documents by email with PDF attachments to the address

or in paper form to

Heilbronn University of Applied Science
Registration Office
Max-Planck-Strasse 39
D-74081 Heilbronn 

Please note:

- Only attachments in the following file formats are accepted: *jpg, *jpeg, *pdf, *png

- Application documents already submitted by e-mail do not have to be submitted by post as well.

- Please submit certificates and proofs only as simple copies, as they will be shredded after the award procedure has been completed.

Checking your enrolment status

You can access our information portal via the following link, where you can see which documents you may still need to submit.

Within the deadline specified in your Letter of Admission, you must complete your online enrolment on Heilbronn University's eCampus portal by using the link below.

You can then enrol with the documents at the Registration Office at Campus Sontheim in person or in writing.

If you cannot do this in person, enrolment can be carried out by a person authorized by you. Power of attorney (Vollmacht) is necessary for this purpose.

Please note: Once enrolled, this can only be withdrawn via the Registration Office. Enrolment is only possible in one degree programme.

Health insurance

Please inform your health insurance company that you will study at Heilbronn University. If you have private health insurance, you can request confirmation from any statutory health insurance company.

To do this, you must provide the health insurance company with the sender number of Heilbronn University.

Sender number of Heilbronn University: H0000366

The insurance confirmation will be digitally transmitted from the health insurance company to the University, usually by the next working day. It is no longer necessary for you to send an insurance certificate.

Questions concerning the application process?

If you have any questions concerning your application, please contact the corresponding person in the registration office of the study programme you are applying to. 

Study ProgrammeDegreeOrientationLocationLink to the study programm

Automotive Systems Engineering Master

Master of Engineering


Heilbronn Sontheim

Electrical Systems Engineering Master

Master of Engineering


Heilbronn Sontheim

Mechanical Engineering Master

Master of Engineering


Heilbronn Sontheim

Mechatronics and Robotics Master

Master of Engineering


Heilbronn Sontheim

Questions concerning your studies at HHN?

If you are interested and have any general question, please do not hesitate to contact us: