Why study at HHN?

Why study engineering at HHN?

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Reason 1: Trending topics 

Whether autonomous driving, robotics, recycling processes, environmental protection or sustainable processes - with us you will be updated to-the-minute and learn to develop innovative technical solutions.

Reason 2: Studying with a practical orientation 

You will apply your knowledge from the lecture hall in our labs and work directly on research projects. In this way, you are well prepared to start your career and optimally positioned for your future, for example with one of the global players optimally situated in our region.

Reason 3: Diverse and integrating 

Our degree programmes allow you to specialize in a wide range of subjects and open up an interdisciplinary course of study that will give you in-depth qualifications. We cooperate with partner universities around the world, offer German language courses for international students, and offer basic studies in English.

Why study business at HHN?

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Reason 1: A wide range of study programmes

From Cultural Management to Logistics and Industrial Engineering and Management. Among the programmes we offer at our four campuses, you’ll surely find something that suits you.

Reason 2: Megatrends

Current topics are a part our degree programmes. Sustainability, mobility, internationality. With us, you learn future skills and will be optimally prepared for your career. A master's programme in English language, internships or a semester abroad - for us, internationality goes without saying.

Reason 3: Studying with a practical orientation

Practical orientation is important to us, and this is distinctive to a university of applied sciences. With us, you learn to solve practical problems directly in the lecture hall. Since our professors themselves have many years of corporate experience, you will be optimally prepared for the job market. We provide you with optimal career opportunities. Many global players are right at our doorstep - a real highlight for you.

Why study computer science at HHN?

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First reason: Innovativeness

Whether your heart beats for Applied Computer Science, Software Engineering or Medical Informatics - each of our bachelor’s programmes is 100% future-oriented. Perfect for anyone who wants to apply the latest technologies and help shape the world of tomorrow.

Second reason: Practical orientation

Hands-on instead of mere theory is our motto! Of course, even in computer science it is not possible to work without theoretical knowledge. Our focus in your IT studies is on practical application right from the start. We combine theory and hands-on training in such a way that you can use your passion, knowledge and soft skills to get off to a flying start in your job.

Third reason: Opportunities of specialization

One megatrend: Games Engineering! Here you can immerse yourself in virtual worlds and work with game engines. Our students learn to program modern games, to simulate complicated operations or to further develop mobility by means of autonomous vehicles. It doesn’t get more varied than this!

The information videos were realised within the framework of the HHN-IDEAL project. HHN-IDEAL is funded by the DAAD as part of the UAS.International programme initiative with grants from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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