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The Master of Science in International Business & Intercultural Management (MIBIM) qualifies first-degree graduates for management positions in globally operating organisations. It is intended to equip future business leaders with the subject knowledge and the methodological, interpersonal and intercultural skills that will enable them to excel and become standout leaders in our rapidly changing business world.

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New Curriculum and Admission Requirements for Winter Semester 24/25!

We are excited to announce that enhancements to the MIBIM programme will take effect for Winter Semester 2024/2025!  While the pillars on which the programme was built have not changed, our new curriculum provides students with more flexibility to tailor their studies based on their interests and professional goals. More details about the new programme structure can be found below.

Additionally, a recent revision to Heilbronn University's admission regulations have opened up more ways for applicants to prove the English language proficiency requirement for the MIBIM programme. Learn more about the changes on our Admission Requirements page.

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Would you like to learn more about the MIBIM program and how it can prepare you for the challenges multinational organizations are facing both now and in the future? Then join one of our upcoming interactive, online information sessions!  We will also provide information about the city of Heilbronn, the university and faculty, our state-of-the-art campus, as well as everything you need to know about the admission requirements and application process.

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    M.A. Aiswarya Pai, MIBIM Graduate
    MIBIM offers a fast-paced competitive environment which brought the best out of me. The modules are up-to-date and the interactive discussions with professors and other students stimulates multidimensional thinking. The faculty is committed and competent, and due to the multicultural environment, I have made friends from across the globe.
    M.A. Aiswarya Pai, MIBIM Graduate


    Degree: Master of Science
    3 Semester: 90 ECTS
    Language: English
    Location: Heilbronn Bildungscampus
    Study form: Full-time
    Start: Winter term
    Deadline: July 15

    Programme Overview

    It is increasingly important for business leaders to not only understand the dynamic world that we live in, but to also be able to thrive in times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, and diversity.

    At Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences, we have shaped a programme that addresses this multi-dimensional, multi-faceted business environment, the Master of Science in International Business & Intercultural Management.

    Not only focusing on foundational knowledge in the traditional topics such as management of marketing, human resources, and finance, we integrate the important aspects of intercultural awareness, sustainability, and social responsibility through in-depth study that encourages critical analysis, cross-cultural collaboration, and examination of global business issues from multiple perspectives.

    With this Master programme we provide students an international learning environment. We guarantee innovative teaching and learning strategies and address the future needs of the labour market by offering multidisciplinary content with a focus on sustainability, all delivered entirely in English. Students benefit greatly from our favourable student to lecturer ratio and a clearly structured, time-efficient schedule (3-4 semesters, full-time programme).

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    Programme Structure

    Students experience a period of intensive independent study. This allows them to progress at a speed suited to their individual needs and to work on their own initiative in areas of interest and value to them. Some more specific objectives of this approach are:

    • To introduce students to the techniques of researching, organising and presenting the results of their work
    • To stimulate critical thinking and logical analysis
    • To develop a sense of responsibility for attaining one's goals
    • To increase and foster consciousness for sustainability issues. 

    The course content is founded on a sound theoretical basis and includes experience-based and hands-on forms of learning such as case studies, project work and role-plays. A tutorial support service is offered for students on both an individual and a group basis.

    The major stages of our M.Sc. in International Business & Intercultural Management (MIBIM) are:

    MIBIM SPO 5 Structure

    Downloadable version of our Programme Structure (.pdf)

    Semester 1 provides students with a general introduction stage, during which students refresh and further their current level of subject knowledge. Students gain sound insights into internal and external business environments. They will further deepen their knowledge on internal company processes, specifically in human resource management, finance, economics, and marketing. Intercultural communication will be thoroughly addressed during this stage, as it remains a major challenge in corporate entities. Courses in the 1st semester include:

    Semester 2 offers advanced studies in intercultural management and the business environment. Taking a cross-disciplinary approach, this phase provides an opportunity to broaden the participants’ expertise in regard to management in the current environment. In addition, students have the possibility to tailor their studies based on their individual interests and chosen career path through a choice of electives. Courses in the 2nd semester include:

    Students choose one of the following courses:

    Students choose one of the following courses:

    Students choose one of the following courses:

    Each of these courses offer a view into intercultural management in a unique cluster of regions.  Specific regional combinations are determined each year.

    The remaining three courses of the 2nd semester may be chosen freely from those specified within our elective catalog, which is updated each year.  The course selection may include:

    • MIBIM Courses: 
      • Any course not already taken in the other MIBIM modules.

    • Courses from our faculty's Tourism-focused Master's programmes: 
      • Natural and Cultural Heritage Management
      • Sustainable Tourism Management
      • Tourism Futures

    • A selection of Master's course offered by other faculties, for example:
      • Entrepreneurship
      • Strategic Information Management
      • Supply Chain Management

    During an optional 3rd semester, students have the possibility to complete either an internship or spend a semester abroad at one of our partner universities. When taking advantage of this option, students will collect an additional 30 ECTS credits that will be counted toward their Masters degree (thereby collecting a total of 120 credits). Certain conditions apply when completing the optional semester, such as minimum requirements, duration and content.

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    Study Abroad

    When choosing this option, the grades received during your exchange studies will be counted toward your overall MIBIM grade point average. Students must complete a minimum of 30 ECTS points (or equivalent) to earn credit. Find out more about the partner universities available to our MIBIM students by clicking below.

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    Gaining practical experience can be an integral factor in successfully entering the job market following completion of the NTE program. Not only do students have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have gained as part of the program, but they also can build additional skills.  Students electing to complete an internship during the optional 3rd semester can receive 30 ECTS points which are awarded on a pass/fail basis.

    Team meeting

    The final stage of the MIBIM programme is the Master Thesis and Defense, which requires in-depth empirical research in the student’s chosen area. Ideally, the thesis is based on real situations in conjunction with international companies or organisations. During the first two semesters, this programme offers various courses on quantitative and qualitative research, which will prepare students for this stage.  Students have 6 months from their date of registration to submit the final thesis and schedule the defense.

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    Career Opportunities

    Our dynamic programme opens the door to careers in the complete range of business disciplines across all industries. With the internationality of both our students and programme focus, our graduates are prepared to either start their careers in international firms or to further their careers through multi-disciplinary study that focuses on increasingly important global issues such as sustainability, business transformation, and diversity. You will find our graduates in Germany and around the world.

    Our graduates are prepared for management careers in:

    • Human Resources
    • Marketing
    • Finance & Accounting
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Research
    • Strategic Management
    • Business Consulting
    • Project Management
    • Other business disciplines

    You will find our graduates in a variety of industries including:

    • Business Process Consultancy
    • Manufacturing
    • IT Services
    • Education
    • Tourism
    • Business Startups
    • Automotive
    • Consumer Goods
    • And many more
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    Further Information


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have questions about our study programme?  Find answers to frequently asked questions here.

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    Student Life and Funding

    Learn more about student fees, funding, accommodations, and student services?

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    Our campus and the Faculty of International Business

    Find out more about the Faculty of International Business and about student life on the campus and in Heilbronn.

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