Heilbronn's youth hostel in the city center near the central station is a suitable place to stay when it is just a question of having a roof over your head for a short while. If you are looking for a hotel, visit the website of Heilbronn Marketing GmbH.

Room database 

For more accommodation options, please check the room-database provided by the Office of Student Services of Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences. Here you will find a list of commission-free rooms available on the private housing market. The database can be accessed via your University account login.

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Studentengruppe in der Stadt

Student Housing

Target group: Young adults with and without disabilities who would like to live together in a shared apartment close to the center of Heilbronn.

In a new small district, 42 residential units are being built in which people with and without disabilities will live together. In the planned building, people with disabilities and students will live together in inclusive shared apartments.

The students will live rent-free due to their support. This will be supplemented and accompanied by support staff from the "Offenen Hilfen"

Residents with and without disabilities are equal citizens of the new district.

People with disabilities are actively involved in the process from the very beginning. They contribute with their strengths and interests and thus shape the social space.

The neighborhood is actively shaped. Everyone has the same starting conditions, no one has to fit into already existing structures. In our opinion, this facilitates inclusive development and promotes empowerment and autonomy of the future residents.

Contact: Katrin Hartmann

Studentenwohnheim Wiesweg 10

  • 6 residential units of 15 student rooms each
  • Common lounge, bicycle cellar and laundry room with washing machine and dryer in the basement
  • Warm rent depending on room size, between 140,00 EUR and 220,00 EUR (electricity and internet are paid separately)