Why study in Germany?

Trying to decide what is the best country to study? Find out some reasons – and some nice surprises – that will show you why Germany might be the best option for you.

Germany is quality!

German quality is internationally recognized in the educational and professional spheres. A German degree will certainly improve the curriculum of any international student and increase their employment perspectives.

There are also many opportunities for international students to write their thesis or work part-time in German companies during or after their studies.

Germany is not expensive!

Many international students don’t know, but Germany has one of the cheapest educational systems in Europe. Most universities do not charge a tuition fee, or only charge a semester administrative contribution that varies from 100 to 400 €. Heilbronn University, for example, charges a semester fee of 127 €. That means that the whole MIBIM Master Programme would cost only 381€.

Renting a room in a shared student apartment usually costs between 180€ and 290€ per month. For many students, the cost of doing a Master’s Degree in Germany can be even cheaper than in their home countries.

Language is NOT a problem!

Germany also offers many options for students who don’t speak German. The MIBIM Master Programme in the University of Heilbronn is one example. The classes are 100% in English and the application doesn’t require any level of German Language.

On the streets, especially in bigger cities, it is also very common to find people who can speak English and are open to help foreign people.

Besides all that, Heilbronn University offers free German classes for all students. That is a very good opportunity to learn – and practice – a new language.

Germany is beautiful!

Germany is a beautiful, pleasant and interesting place. Travelling options include all kinds of attractions, like traditional architecture, historical places, modern cities and amazing sight-seeing.

Germany is fun!

Students in Germany love to party. The cities offer many options of cinema, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and entertainment for all kinds of taste.

Germany also hosts international events and festivals, like the Oktoberfest, that brings together people from all over the world.

Germany is in the center of Europe!

If you are coming from outside of Europe and want to travel during your university vacations, Germany is certainly a great place to be your base. Germany is in the center of Europe and is close to countries in Western and Eastern Europe at the same time.

You are welcome in Germany!

The number of international students is increasing every year. And this makes the idea of living and studying in Germany even better, because you will not only experience the German culture, but also get in touch with people from all around the world.

So, ask yourself: why not Germany?

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