Health insurance is mandatory in Germany and you will not be able to enrol at the University without health insurance.


As a European citizen, you should have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which is also recognised in Germany. Once you have arrived in Germany, you can get your coverage approved by a statutory/public health insurance provider here who will issue an insurance certificate.

Please ask your health insurance provider at home which documents you will have to take with you. If you are moving to Germany for a longer time, the S1 form is required


You can either apply for health insurance with one of the German public health insurance providers or with a private one.

Only available for students below the age of 30 years and if you have not had a private insurance during your time of studies in Germany before, you can sign up with them online to ensure coverage from your first day in Germany. 

Depending on your age and length of stay in Germany, you might choose to opt for private health insurance. In this case, you are also required to get a waiver from the public insurance to confirm that you do not require statutory coverage. 


Once you sign up with a private health insurance provider and get the statutory waiver, you will not be able to change back to a public insurance provider for the duration of your studies.