Research Focus Digital living environments and health

Ein Forscherteam bei der Arbeit.

The Institute for Medicine, Informatics and Economics (GECKO) is at the heart of research activities in the field of digital living environments and health. It stands for the central topics of the German healthcare system in the coming decades: Health, Computing, Costs, Outcomes. GECKO researches and develops at the interfaces between medicine, economics and informatics. Research topics are:

  •  eLearning in Medicine
  •  Health economics
  •  Human-Computer Interaction
  •  Consumer Health Informatics
  •  Business Processes

Research Professurships

Research Professor for Interoperability and Digital Processes in Medicine

  •     Digitization of processes in medicine and healthcare
  •     Application-oriented use of standards such as HL7 FHIR and BPMN 2.0 or IHE
  •     Translation between research, medical application and the healthcare system

"Digitalization has a lot to do with us as people, because it is the work processes that we are redesigning - also and especially in medicine."

Research Professor in the Field of Human-Centered Software Development/ Human-AI Interaction

    •     User-centered development of web-based and mobile enterprise applications
    •     Human-centered artificial intelligence and human-AI interaction
    •     User experience

"In the coming years, I aim to make a significant contribution to the understanding and design of user-centered AI and generative AI through my research. The overarching goal is to improve the interaction between humans and AI through innovative digital solutions, to maximize the user-friendliness of digital solutions and at the same time to consider the ethical aspects in the field of AI development."

Research Professor for Sustainable Development in the Wine Industry

  •     Sustainable development of the wine industry
  •     Sustainable economic systems
  •     Market-oriented corporate management

"In my research, I focus on sustainable economic systems in the wine industry because the sector is very close to my heart and I want my work to make a contribution to the sector and its companies so that they and their children can continue to do well in the future."

Current Research

Research Professor for Educational Technologies and Innovative Software Development

  •     Innovative software systems for technology-supported teaching, learning and testing in medicine and the health professions
  •     Intelligent software and assistance services for support in the workplace

"My motivation as a researcher is to make people smarter and healthier through the development and use of innovative software!"

Current Research

Research Professor for Artificial Intelligence in Business Information Systems

  •     Process optimization and automation through artificial intelligence
  •     Development of methods for the traceability of AI systems 
  •     Applied game and decision theory

"AI systems are increasingly influencing our decisions and society. The modelling, optimization and investigation of AI-based decisions is essential in order to understand and help shape future developments. I would like to contribute to this."

Research Professor for Natural Language Processing and ​Cognitive ​Assistant ​Systems

  •    Natural Language Processing and Conversational AI to support knowledge work
  •    AI-based knowledge retention and knowledge transfer for learning organizations
  •    Resource-efficient methods of machine learning

"The digital transformation, and in particular the use of artificial intelligence, is fundamentally changing the world of work. Cognitive assistance systems keep the focus on people and support them in their activities by procuring and providing relevant information in a context-specific manner."

Research Professor for Socioinformatics

  •     User-oriented IT development
  •     Leadership and collaboration in digitalization
  •     Innovation methods

"In my research, I deal with the design of interactive technologies from a psychological perspective. My focus is on the technology development process, I explore how people and teams in IT can develop their full potential or how positive user experiences can be made possible for various target groups."

Current Research Projects

Research Professor for Applied Cyber Security

  •     Web security, in particular authentication and authorization protocols (SAML, OAuth and OpenID Connect)
  •     Applied cryptography
  •     Cybersecurity in medicine

"The threats in cyberspace are higher than ever before. With my research, I want to contribute to making our (digital) world safer in a sustainable way."

Research Professor for Human-Technology Interaction

  •     Usability technology
  •     Augmented and virtual reality 
  •     Innovative interaction technologies

"The interaction and collaboration between humans and technology is a very exciting, innovative and interdisciplinary field of research. New technologies such as virtual and augmented reality are increasingly finding their way into all areas of our lives. These new technologies must be developed to meet the needs of people and their tasks."

Current Research

Research Professorship for Digital Technologies and Educational Innovations

  •     Methods and technologies of digitalization
  •     Application scenarios and case studies of digitalization
  •     Effects on mediation concepts

"I am interested in the effects of digitalization from both a methodological and a technological perspective. I look at the effects in specific professional fields of application as well as on teaching (both in terms of content and methodology) at universities. I examine both the changes themselves (descriptively) and the social and societal effects."

Research Professor for Neuroinformatics

  •     Biomarkers for mental and neurodegenerative diseases
  •     Modeling cognitive processes in the human brain
  •     Empirical methods and machine learning techniques

"In order to even begin to understand the complexity of our brain, we have to think across disciplines and individual methods. All of this is held together by computer science, which lays the foundations for this research using methods for data collection, storage and processing."

Research Professor for Health Economics and Health Management

  •     Health economic analysis models
  •     Machine learning methods
  •     Data analysis in the medical and epidemiological field

"The digital transformation puts people at the center and finds effective and economical solutions for the medicine of the future."

Sustainable procurement and value creation management ​

  •     Development of sustainable procurement and value creation processes in the industrial, service and public sectors
  •     Development of relevant future skills for the implementation of sustainable procurement and value creation processes
  •     Sustainable process optimization in small and medium-sized enterprises using digital solutions

"Sustainable procurement is one of the most important levers for implementing holistic sustainable solutions in the industrial value creation process. It is the multiplier in the entire upstream value chain and enables sustainable solutions to spread across sectors far beyond a company's own operations".

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