Contact points and counselling on protection against discrimination

Our contact points and counselling centres treat your concerns confidentially. Your privacy and the trust you place in us are very important to us. We treat all conversations and information as strictly confidential.

If you are unsure who the right contact person is for your concerns: All of the contact and advice centres listed below will help you to find the right person for you. You can also contact the Department for Equality and Diversity.

Contact points against discrimination, bullying and sexualised violence

Contact point against bullying

Target group: Students and employees

Our contact point is there to offer students and employees a supportive and confidential environment if they are confronted with harassment, hostility or exclusion.  If you feel affected by bullying or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our contact centre.

Contact point against racism

Target group: Students and employees

According to the State Higher Education Act, it is the duty of the university to combat discrimination and to protect members and affiliates from racial discrimination on the basis of ethnic origin or religious affiliation (§4a (2)).

Our contact point against racism supports these efforts independently and without being bound by instructions. They are available if you have experienced or observed racist discrimination or antisemitism.

Contact point against sexual harassment and stalking

Target group: Students and employees

Our contact point is a safe place to go if you are experiencing or have experienced sexual harassment or stalking. They are responsible for all members of the university and are bound to confidentiality.

Contact point against homophob discrimination

Target group: Students and employees

The contact point against homophobic discrimination offers support to all people in the LGBTQIA+ community if they are subject to discrimination, bullying or harassment. Our contact centre will advise you confidentially on your concerns.

Counselling centres and representatives

Equal Opportunities Officer

Target group: non-scientific staff

The Equal Opportunities Officer ensures the implementation of and compliance with the Equal Opportunities Act (ChancenG) and supports the university. She is involved in the decision-making process and implementation of measures to actually achieve the statutory objectives.

  • It supports the recruitment process,
  • helps to shape the university's equal opportunities work,
  • is the point of contact for women in matters of equal opportunities.

Gender Equality Office

Target group: female students and academic staff

The Equal Opportunities Officers are involved in the implementation of equal opportunities for men and women and are an information centre for anyone who is concerned with gender equality issues or would like to know more about them.

University chaplaincy

Target group: Students and employees

The university counselling service offers advice and support for

  • Questions about learning organisation, stress management and exam anxiety,
  • in difficult situations, e.g. financial emergencies, pregnancy,
  • with worries and in times of grief.

Staff council

Target group: Employees

The Staff Council of Heilbronn University is the representative body for university employees at all locations in Heilbronn, Künzelsau and Schwäbisch Hall. It regulates and monitors compliance with employee rights and service agreements, accepts suggestions and complaints and organises the staff meeting.

Representative body for severely disabled people

Target group: Empolyees

The Representative Body for Severely Disabled Employees is committed to the interests of severely disabled employees. Its tasks include counselling, representing interests, promoting inclusion, raising awareness among the university community and monitoring legal requirements for the protection of severely disabled people.

Representive for students with disabilities

Target group: Students

The representatives for students with disabilities advise, support and accompany students in all matters to enable students to progress in and through their studies in accordance with their disabilities.

Complaints under Section 13 of the General Equal Treatment Act

Complaints Centre

Target group: Students and employees

If you would like to make a formal complaint about discrimination or bullying at HHN, please contact Wanja Wellbrock.

Together with Ms Müller and the Rector Mr Lenzen, he forms the Heilbronn University Complaints Office in accordance with Section 13 of the General Equal Treatment Act.

External counselling and contact points

Psychosocial Counseling for students of the Students' Union Heidelberg

Although there may be rumours about the carefree life of students, even in higher education it's not all roses.  Exam nerves, problems in your relationship or stressful life events can make life difficult. The good thing is:        
The Psychosocial Counselling Service for students has a large, competent team of psychologists who will stand by you in difficult times. Talks with the PCS are free of charge and, of course, completely confidential. Simply contact the secretary's office to make an appointment, and an initial discussion can take place. If you also need psychotherapeutic support, the PCS team will be happy to help you by referring you to specialists in private practice.

Make an appointment for a personal meeting   
Secretariat: Email:, Tel.: 06221 54-3750

You can also find the Online Counseling service here: Online Counseling Service

Contact points in cases of discrimination and bullying

Please do not hesitate to seek help if you have experienced discrimination, harassment, violence, stalking or bullying. All contact persons will deal with your concerns in strict confidence and search for solutions with you. They will coordinate the way forward with you and will not take any steps without your agreement. If you are not sure whom to contact with your concerns, any of the contact points will help you find the right contact person.

Contact points

The Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities Officers are there for you if you feel disadvantaged because of your gender. The Gender Equality Officer is responsible for female students and academic staff, while the Equal Opportunities Officer is responsible for the non-academic staff.

Sontheim Campus

Education Campus

Schwäbisch Hall Campus

Künzelsau Campus

for all campuses

Volker Kress

Graduate psychologist

Telephone: 0173 5853171


Employees can contact the staff council with their concerns.