Software Engineering and Management (M.Sc.) in a Nutshell

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Where the technological, organisational and entrepreneurial aspects of software development meet, you enter the exciting world of Software Engineering and Management.  

At the heart of complex, multi-dimensional organisations, software engineers need to move beyond the boundaries of their job-specific expertise and enhance their professional profiles by acquiring managerial and interpersonal competences. Software engineers who aim to be future business leaders should be able to translate theoretical knowledge into business practices, engender interdisciplinary dialogues and communicate successfully in an international and intercultural environment.

Programme Structure

The M.Sc. Software Engineering and Management has been tailored to the needs of students who are interested in interdisciplinary approaches and seek a good foundation for their future careers. It enables them to interact effectively, confidently and responsibly in increasingly complex, multidimensional work environments of software development - anywhere on the globe. 

The program has been planned for a full-time study and can be obtained in three semester (18 months). The first two semesters provide a sound theoretical basis. Using case studies and working in teams not only improves analytical and problem solving capacities but familiarizes the students with methodological and creative problem-solving techniques and the relational skills which are vital for future business leaders. The third semester is dedicated to the Master’s Thesis which is accompanied by a colloquium.

Fact File

Title of the Course
Software Engineering and Management
Type of Course Master
Duration of Study
ECTS Credits
Language of Instruction
Programme Start Winter Term
Campus Heilbronn
Application Deadline
June 1st (Center for International Students in Konstanz) and July 15th for Heilbronn University
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Miriam Kraft

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