General Information

Exchange students from Partner Universities

If you would like to study at our University for one or two semesters as an exchange student of one of our partner universities, you will find all the important information required in advance listed below.


If you would like to study at Heilbronn University and your home university is not one of our partner universities:                               

Please send your request via e-mail to our International Office:

Freemover have to bear the semester contribution completely and tuition fees where applicable.
Information on tuition fees you will find here
Please contact the responsible German embassy of your home country in good time regarding the entry requirements and documents you will need to apply for a visa. Please consider the processing time for visa which can be several weeks or even month.

Usually you need a visa for purpose of studies or internships (no tourist visa).                                                                                                  

In order to receive a visa, the German embassy currently requires students to have a minimum personal income of 861.00 Euro per month.

Entry from „areas of variant of concern“

For persons in so-called „areas of variant of concern/ virus variant areas“ ( with a particularly high prevalence of virus mutations, travel to Germany and entry in accordance with the Corona Entry Ordinance are currently prohibited. This also applies to fully vaccinated persons. Exceptions are only possible in very few cases, e.g. for persons with residence and right of residence in Germany. (

For students and researchers from virus variant areas, this means that on-site study courses or research periods in Germany for the winter semester 2021/2022 cannot currently be guaranteed. Please note that entry is also not possible if the German higher education institution has already confirmed a study place: as entry is not possible, visas cannot be issued as long as a country is considered an area of variant of concern.

Please keep up to date with the risk classification of your home country.

Students from EU countries must present their EHIC card if they enroll. Students from countries outside the EU must present a private health insurance without limitation of liability or take out a students' health insurance with a German health insurance company. If you decide to take out a German health insurance policy, we can, upon request, send you the required forms.

The academic year at Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences is divided into two semesters:


Official duration: 1 September until 28 February

Beginning of lecture period: End of September/Beginning of October

German course for incoming students: 3 weeks before beginning of lectures

Introduction for incoming students: 1.5 weeks before beginning of lectures

End of lecture period: End of January

Beginning of exam period: End of January

End of exam period: approx. 20 February

For a more detailed schedule of the current winter semester, please click


Official duration: 1 March until 31 August

Beginning of lecture period: Mid-March

Introduction programme for Incomings:   1.5

End of lecture period: End of June

Beginning of exam period: End of June

End of exam period: approx. 20 July

For a more detailed schedule of the current summer semester, please click


You can find detailed information on studying in Heilbronn in our information brochure for exchange students:

Information brochure for incoming students

More information about accomodation see page

Erasmus Plus is the largest education programme in the European Union and offers students, teachers and all higher education staff the opportunity to gain experience abroad.

For more information on the Erasmus+ programme, please contact your Erasmus Exchange Coordinator at your home University.

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