Disadvantage compensation for students with disabilities

Admission to Studies

In order to study at their chosen university, prospective students with disabilities always have to meet the general admission requirements. However, when applying for a place, it is possible to make a claim for any disadvantages under the hardship regulation.

To do this, you must include with your application an informal letter describing your personal situation giving detailed reasons and supporting documents (e.g. a medical certificate).

For questions about admissions please contact Melanie Dominke in the Academic Department.

Compensating for disadvantage while studying

If a student with disabilities suffers a disadvantage in the performance of an examination, this should be individually compensated for by means of what is known as ‘disadvantage compensation’.

This is regulated in the study and examination rules of Heilbronn University under Section 8 (3) of the General part as follows:

‘If someone can credibly demonstrate that, due to disability or chronic illness, it is not possible for them to take preliminary examination papers or final examinations in whole or in part in the intended form, the Chair of the relevant examination board shall allow the examinations to be completed within an extended period or equivalent examinations to be taken in another form. In doing so, it must be ensured that the competences to be demonstrated in the examination are also demonstrated by this other form. This may require the presentation of a medical certificate.’

Students should obtain individual advice on this in advance from the representative on the respective campus.

If you are unable to study full-time due to your impairment, Heilbronn University offers study on a part-time basis.

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