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At Heilbronn University HUGS operates the graduate business programs, at Heilbronn University´s campus Heilbronn-Sontheim.

The following master programs run under HUGS:

These programs were established in 2006 and has been operated by the school Business and Transport Management before their responsibility changed to HUGS in 2016.

In these master programs are severale Double Degrees offered, which includes a credit transfer about 30 ECTS from the partner university. For example:
  • M.Sc. Business with Management, Northumbria University Newcastle, Great Britain
  • M.Sc. Flexible Management, Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland
  • MBA, University New Brunswick, Canada

HUGS works closely with its many partners in business, industry and the local community to create a sustainable and ethical learning environment for its students and to ensure the relevance of teaching for the corporate world.

The Board of School and Supervisory Board of HUGS that accompany the design of curricular programs ensure their acceptance and thus warrant the employability of graduates.

HUGS is a member of AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

Where we are?

The region Heilbronn is located in southern Germany in the state Baden-Wuerttemberg. Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Karlsruhe and Würzburg are easy to reach.

With numerous medium-sized businesses, established hidden champions, global players and market leading companies the region of Heilbronn-Franconia provides best entry-opportunities and possibilities for further development for our graduates.

Karte der Region Heilbronn-Franken mit wichtigen Unternehmen der Region

We provide high quality graduate business education resulting in graduates, who are future professionals and leaders meeting the requirements of a dynamic, global environment in a values oriented way.

We transfer knowledge and innovation through cooperation with business and academic partners.

Our mission - our focus

Representatives of our business partners, alumni, university bodies, faculty, staff and students developed the mission of HUGS.

HUGS and the region:

The surrounding of Heilbronn locates over 41,000 companies, whereby the region of Heilbronn Franconia register in total an amount of about 80,000 companies. Thus, there is a strong need of high educated professionals and leaders.

  • HUGS - in the region of Heilbronn-Franconia.
  • HUGS - for the region of Heilbronn-Franconia.

HUGS and high quality education:

The programs are of small size and usually there are not more than 20 students in each class. HUGS sees group work as one of its cornerstones of educational environment. Due to the high interaction between the students, it allows them to sharpen their soft skills, practices team work and to take responsibilities within their group.

HUGS and knowledge transfer:

As our graduates are future professionals and leaders working in a vibrant environment the academic instructions are vocationally oriented. Our faculty enjoy close links with industry and commerce and provides a sound knowledge-based grounding and hands-on experience founded on current organizational practices.

HUGS and hands-on learning environment:

Being in the center of many world market leading companies our faculty enjoy close links with industry and commerce and provides a sound knowledge-based grounding and hands-on experience founded on current organizational practices. Trough guest speakers, company presentations, corporate projects and field trips we ensure a high degree of practical relevance.

Our core values define our culture at HUGS. They guide how we make our decisions and how our staff, students and stakeholders work with each other. Each member of HUGS is expected to uphold these values toward peers and community.

  • We offer excellent academic programs and services
  • We provide high-quality instructions, technology and facilities
  • We always take in account current developments of the labor market

  • We see our students in center of our actions - they make our work possible
  • We activate student’s potential and encourage them for lifelong learning
  • We help our students to grow as responsible, knowledgeable and innovative personalities

  • We always consider the rights and feelings of others
  • We are committed to fairness in our practices and communication
  • We create a spirit of freedom and open minded environment to enable value-based learning and teaching

  • We live our standards and principles actively
  • We are dedicated to connect the perspectives and backgrounds of diverse social and academic groups of people
  • We know, that each individual can positively shape our environment and can contribute to our success

  • We have a shared responsibility for developing our university
  • We understand collaborations within the University and with external partners as enriching and rewarding
  • We recognize the value of integrating classroom learning with the community experience

HUGS is part of an international environment and supports open-mindedness among all members and beyond. All members of HUGS commit to the following regulations:
  • We understand diversity as an opportunity
  • We do not allow discrimination in all forms
  • We make no difference - equal treatment and opportunities is a right for everybody
  • We respect the rights of individuals
  • We accept other viewpoints and reflect them in a responsible way
  • We act carefully with resources

In 2010 the University Board decided to reach international accreditation for business programs after all the programs have gained national accreditation and high national rankings.

Being in the center of many global brand leaders which operate internationally and its close connection to corporate world Heilbronn University supports those companies with highly educated graduates. In many conversations between business partners, alumni and Heilbronn University it became clear that there is a high need for graduates for the regional market.

As a result of this process in which all stakeholders e.g. the Board of Heilbronn University, Deans, Program Directors, Alumni and representatives from the business world as well as students have been involved the decision was made to establishing a new unit.

In January 2016, the Senate unanimously approved this unit namely HUGS and its statutes.

At Heilbronn University HUGS operates the graduate business programs

These programs were established in 2006 and have been operated by the School of Business and Transport Management. In 2016 the area of responsibility fell to HUGS.

Double Degrees for example with Northumbria University (GB), Edinburgh Napier University (GB), University New Brunswick (CA) are offered by these master programs.

On June 2016 the Foundation Ceremony of Heilbronn University Graduate School (HUGS) took place. With over 100 invited guests Heilbronn University celebrated the official establishment of HUGS.

HUGS, an independent business unit of Heilbronn University is organized as follows:

Die Struktur der HUGS ist dargestellt.
HUGS offers graduate degrees in

Within HUGS the students of both master programs (MTL and MU) have the option to obtain a Double Degree at some partner universities. For example:
  • Northumbria University, GB
  • Edinburgh Napier University, GB
  • University New Brunswick, CA

Every study program of HUGS is obligated to plan its development strategically.

The programs strategy plan defines the tasks which are based on the mission and monitors its implementation. Decisions regarding the development of the study programs are made and implemented by the Dean of School and the Executive Director in cooperation with the committees of HUGS.

The following committees are defined in the HUGS statute:

Board of School
The Board of School conducts HUGS´ business activities in accordance with the Law on Universities in Baden Wuerttemberg (LHG) and Heilbronn University´s regulations. Within the legal requirements the Board of School is responsible for contents, budgeting, positioning, HR decisions and marketing and promotion. Together with the committees the Board of School specifies the strategic plan for HUGS.

Administrative Board and Supervisory Board
The Administrative Board and the Supervisory Board guide the Board of School in all strategic decisions. The members of our Advisory Board share their experience to develop our programs with regard to high quality education. In accordance to our mission the Advisory Board provides us with their professional expertise to ensure the employability of our graduates.

Examination Committee
The Examination Committee prepares all examination matters to the relevant examination boards of the programs.

Study Committee

The Study Committee develops recommendations regarding program design, academic teaching, measurement methods and strategic use of resources. Furthermore, the committee is involved in the evaluation process.

HUGS has many successful graduates who work in large international companies, in public administarion or in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Read more about some of our alumni:

"My studies at HUGS prepared me very well for the business world"

Daimler AG

"During my exchange semester I could gather a lot of international experiences" 

Baier & Schneider GmbH & Co. KG

"HUGS has top-class lecturers"

Robert Bosch GmbH

"The courses in the Master Programs are very varied and interessting"

Stadt Heilbronn

"HUGS is located in the economically vibrant region of Heilbronn-Franconia. The students benefit from the cooperation between HUGS and its partners"

Absolventen von hinten mit Doktorhüten bei einer Abschlussfeier

Our graduates have no difficulties in finding a job. In average they submit 8 applications. The application process lasts on average two months.

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