Universitat Politecnica de Valencia

Valencia, Spain
Empfohlene Studiengänge: IBIS /TM / HM/WMM/MIBM (kein Kursspezifisches WMM Angebot)

About the University

The Universitat Politècnica de València is a public, dynamic and innovative institution dedicated to research and teaching that, while maintaining strong bonds with the social environment in which it carries out its activities, advocates for a solid presence abroad. It is a young university, which celebrates its 50th anniversary during the 2018-2019 academic year.

Heilbronn University has agreements with different faculties on various campuses

FADE: Business
Gandia: Tourism
Alcoi: Business

About the Location

Valencia, a port city on the southeast coast of Spain, is located at the mouth of the Turia River into the Mediterranean Sea. It is famous for its Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias. It is home to futuristic buildings that include a planetarium, oceanarium and interactive museum. Valencia also has several beaches, including some in the nearby Albufera Natural Park, a protected wetland with a lake and walking paths.

Environmental Impact of Studying Abroad at this University

Flache Hand schützt Erde vor Verschmutzung

952 kg

Estimated CO₂ emissions for round-trip plane travel from Frankfurt Airport

Rapsfeld Baum blauer Himmel Wald im Hintergrund


Number of trees that must be planted to cancel out this CO₂ emission

Heilbronn University is committed to the continuous improvement of environmental performance as a component of sustainable development. For the university, protecting the environment means avoiding risks to people and the environment, continuously reducing resource and energy consumption and minimizing emissions and waste, so that the university makes its contribution to sustainable development.

Learn more about how you can lessen the environmental affects of studying abroad here.

Important  Information for Studying at this Partner University

Language(s) of Instruction: English (B2 Level required) /Spanish - It is highly recommended that applicants have an intermediate language level of Spanish before coming to the university, since classes are taught mainly in Spanish. The HHN recommends a level of at least B1

Semester Dates:  Winter Term: BeginningSeptember - January / Summer Term: Beginning of Feburary - July

Course Offerings: http://www.upv.es/estudios/grado/grados-campus-en.html
Search for subjects: https://aplicat.upv.es/buscasiupv-app/?p_idioma=i
Information for Incomings: http://www.upv.es/entidades/OPII/infoweb/pi/info/818854normali.html

Costs: There are no additional tuition costs.  Additional costs that must be considered are accommodations, meals, and cost of living.

Exchange Places:  6 Bachelor / 1 Master

Student Life

Student Housing: UPV does not provide accommodation for exchange students. It is usually quite easy to find housing in private apartments near our 3 campuses any time of the year (both before arrival or in the first
days of your stay). For housing in student dorms, we recommend you book in advance.

Student Support: At the beginning of each semester, a general orientation

meeting or Welcome Day is organized at the central UPV level for new exchange students in any study field. In 2020-21 we have held virtual Welcome Days. Details are sent by email to all students a few days in advance. Additionally, many UPV Schools/Faculties often organize a
faculty-level information meeting for their own students, with more in-depth instructions. Other Schools provide orientation on an invididual basis.

Students with Disabilities: Disability Care Center

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