St. Petersburg State University of Economics

St. Petersburg, Russia
Empfohlene Studiengänge: IBIS, IBO, TM, HM, WMM

About St. Petersburg State University of Economics

St. Petersburg State University of Economics also known as UNECON is one of the leading Russian universities with 90-year experience in educating top professionals in economics and management. UNECON is situated in the very centre of St. Petersburg which means that all excitements of a major city - its lavish architecture, high art and nightlife - is up close from the place of study. Dormitories for international students are situated in the central campus offering exclusive experience of academic, cultural and social life of the Northern Venice.

International programme at UNECON is based on the module system. Each course usually lasts one or two weeks and includes 90 academic hours, 28 of which are contact hours. Students usually receive 3 ECTS for each course. UNECON offers two Bachelor programmes in English - Economics and business; Russian language and culture and one Master programme on Economics and business.

Impressoin studentisches Leben. Studentin sitzt mit Getränk in der Sonne

Student Life at St. Petersburg State University of Economics

Student Housing:

Student Support: UNECON provides orientation week at the beginning of each semester that usually includes several excursions to get acquainted with the city and with our buddies. UNECON Buddy Club is a volunteer-run student club that helps foreign students get accustomed to life and study in St. Petersburg as well as acquainting them with Russian culture.

Important  Information for Studying at St. Petersburg State University of Economics

Language(s) of Instruction: For exchange students UNECON offers 3 programmes in English. International students are allowed to join courses in Russian provided within the main curriculum but the required level of Russian should be C1 or close to native.

Semester Dates: Autumn semester: September 1st – January 31st  /  Spring semester: February 1st – June 30th 

Course Offerings:

Exchange Places: 2 Bachelor / 1 Master

Double Degree: No

Costs: No study fees

Other Remarks: There are more exchange places available with payment of tuition fees (Approximately 1200 Euro).  There is no TM/HM/WMM-specific course offer

Environmental Impact of Studying Abroad at St. Petersburg State University of Economics

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