There are two airports near Heilbronn. The nearest airport is Stuttgart International Airport. From the airport, you take the S-Bahn to Stuttgart central station (Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof), where you can take the regional trains to Heilbronn main train station (Heilbronn Hauptbahnhof). The total trip takes 1.5 hours and costs about €12.

The most regularly used airport when travelling to Heilbronn is Frankfurt International Airport. The journey to Heilbronn from Frankfurt airport takes about 2.5 hours and costs about €30- €80. Flixbus is also an inexpensive option. The journey with Flixbus from Frankfurt to Heilbronn takes about 2.5 to 3 hours and costs €8 - €14. When you arrive at the main station in Heilbronn, you have several possibilities to reach your accommodation if it is not within walking distance. You can either take a bus (use the app DB Navigator to check bus schedule) or a taxi to your accommodation

Stuttgart - Frankfurt airport


The nearest airport to Schwäbisch Hall is Stuttgart. From Stuttgart, you can take a train to Schwäbisch Hall-Hessental and then bus no. 1 to the ZOB (central bus station) in the city center.The total trip takes about 1 hour 40 minutes and you have to change trains one time.

From Frankfurt International Airport, you should take a train from <Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbahnhof Station> to Schwäbisch Hall-Hessental and then bus no. 1 to city center Schwäbisch Hall ZOB (central bus station). Depending on the connection, you have to change trains at least once. The total trip with Deutsch Bahn takes about 3-4 hours and costs around €45-70

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, please observe the applicable regulations and wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose when using public transportation.


1. Campus Sontheim

A lot of the lecture rooms are in the A-building. In the A-building, you will also find the main entrance and the information desk. The cafeteria and canteen (in German: Mensa) and the registrar’s offices are in building B. Building C and D have lecture rooms as well (but mostly for the technical subjects). On the ground floor of building E you'll find the library and in building F the computer pools, where you can also copy and print. The university’s printers can be found in the cellar of building F. Building Y is close to the students’ house (StuWo).

Ansicht Gebäude Campus Sontheim

2. Bildungscampus

This new campus was opened in 2012. It is located north of the city centre of Heilbronn, only a 12-minute walk from the town hall. All degree courses from the faculty “International Business” like Tourism Management (TM, B.A.), Hotel- and Restaurant Management (HM, B.A.), International Business - Intercultural Studies (IBIS, B.A.), as well as Wine Management (WB, B.A.) can be found here. The faculty of “Business Administration and Transport Management” will move there in autumn 2019.

Also master’s degrees can be studied at this campus, such as International Business & Intercultural Management (M.A.), International Tourism Management (M.A.) and Sustainable Tourism Development (M.A.).

Blick auf den Bidlungscampus Nord. Links das T-Gebäude, gegenüber des Fotografen das N-Gebäude und rechts die Bibliothek LIV

3. Campus Künzelsau

Künzelsau is a small but bustling city about 60 km Northeast of Heilbronn, situated on the river Kocher. This campus is named after its major benefactor, Reinhold Würth. The campus currently offers 11 practice-oriented Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in the fields of engineering and business management such as Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Culture, Leisure and Sports Management as well as Media, Product and Customer Management.

D-Gebäude Campus Künzelsau

4. Campus Schwäbisch Hall

Schwäbisch Hall is the second largest town in the Heilbronn-Franken region and is also situated on the Kocher river, about 50 km east of Heilbronn. Due to its medieval flair and its high standard of living and work, it can be regarded as a city in which tradition and innovation blend together in an outstanding way.

About 1,000 students of the Faculty of Management and Sales study on this campus. Its compact size creates a homely atmosphere and with its professors and lecturers an ideal staff-student ratio.

Ansicht Gebäude Campus Schwäbisch Hall