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Business Administration in Heilbronn city centre

A learning atmosphere conducive to clarity of thought – light wood finishes, an extensive use of glass, light and airy seminar rooms: With the two faculties of Economics and Transport and International Business, some 3,300 business administration students study inside the spacious, ultra-modern facilities of Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences on the Education Campus. In addition to the HHN, there are four further educational institutions on the Education Campus.

The LIV Library is a true architectural eye-catcher. It is a six-storey ultra-modern glass building and provides more than 600 workstations. In addition to quiet individual workstations, library users also have access to group study areas and a generous learning space with flexible furnishings. A further unique feature of the Education Campus is its expansive basement-level cafeteria which can hold up to 700 people. Despite being situated below ground level, the dining area has natural lighting throughout, in part owing to its centrally positioned 56-seater courtyard. So the cafeteria not only serves meals, but also serves as a meeting place for students from all the institutions on the Education Campus.

The Heilbronn Education Campus was initiated by the Dieter Schwarz Foundation. With the initiative City of Knowledge and Higher Education Heilbronn, the Foundation supports a number of educational projects in Heilbronn thus supporting Heilbronn’s development into a city for universities and students. One of the initiative’s core tenets is the development and expansion of the educational campus into a place of lifelong learning. 

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Heilbronn – the knowledge city

Heilbronn lies between the conurbations of Stuttgart, Heidelberg and Mannheim. With a population of about 124,000, Heilbronn is a young, modern city on the move.

Trade developed on the banks of the river Neckar as long ago as medieval times, and with it grew the prosperity of the Free Imperial City. Heilbronn played a pioneering role during Germany’s industrialisation. Today, the city in the heart of Europe is developing into a sought-after location for innovative companies.

Heilbronn is a city of learning. The education sector is undergoing dynamic change: this is particularly evident in the development of the education campus, where four other educational institutions are located in addition to the University of Heilbronn. The new Experimenta building in Heilbronn, an interactve science centre for children, is the largest science centre in Germany.

Challenging and nurturing mind and body: How about jogging up and down the vineyards as part of your fitness programme? Or what about learning to row with a group of other people? Or even just chilling in the sun on the banks of the Neckar? As a "city by the river" and surrounded by the green space of the vineyards, Heilbronn offers you a very high quality of life. With its wine festivals, open-air concerts, theatre festivals and not forgetting the city museums, you will also find that the cultural scene in Heilbronn more than meets expectations.

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Eine Gruppe junger Leute stößt mit Wein auf dem Heilbronner Weindorf an.