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Quality Management

All academic programs of HUGS have been accredited by ACQUIN, a national agency which complies with the standards issued by the Accreditation Council of Germany.

HUGS has excellent links to the corporate world. It develops its programs in cooperation with its business partners and society for educating future professionals and leaders who are able to meet the requirements of a dynamic environment in a responsible and ethical way.

As part of continuous improvement HUGS has implemented an evaluation process which takes place every semester.

In week 9 to 11 of a term all faculty members initiate the evaluation of each class which is carried out by the students.

The result of evaluation is automatically sent to concerning faculty and Program Director.

Program Director and faculty member analyzing the evaluation and discuss potential steps for improvement.

The result is to be discussed with students and taken in account for remaining class hours.

After analyzing and discussing the results insights will be presented to the Board of School and if necessary steps for further improvement will be taken.

HUGS´s programs understand teaching as interaction between various viewpoints within a dynamic environment.

Schaubild zur Sicherung der Lernqualität

Small groups (about 20 students) open opportunities for developing social, professional and intercultural skills. Usually all lectures, except study-tours and field-trips, take place on Heilbronn University´s campus Heilbronn-Bildungscampus.

The course content is taught through:
  • classroom lectures
  • seminars
  • exercises
  • integrated guest speakers
  • field trips
  • case studies
  • student projects
  • study tours

On all levels our students obtain direct and personal support and we foster interaction among the students.

HUGS sees group work as one cornerstone of personal and professional development. Due to the high interaction between the students, it allows them to sharpen their soft skills, practices team work and to take responsibilities within their group. The resulting solidarity among the cohorts, also due to a close interaction between the faculty and its students, increases the quality of knowledge transfer.

Heilbronn University Graduate School Ethical Conduct

All members of HUGS are
  • complying to all valid standards an regulations according to the Law
  • realizing our obligations to others in a fair way and respecting the rights and dignity of all persons
  • supporting the valid ethical and moral standards
  • knowing about the own accountability and responsibility for all taken choices and actions
  • respecting dignity, diversity and right of individuals
  • acknowledging divers point of views and considering these in any interactions
  • identifying and disclosing any kind of irreverence towards ethical and moral standards
  • having access to advisors for ethics, equal opportunity and sustainability

Student Honor Code

As a student of Heilbronn University Graduate School (HUGS)
  • I follows the core values of Heilbronn University and HUGS
  • I see academic integrity as an important part of our togetherness
  • I work actively with faculty members on enhancing HUGS
  • I always treat my dialog partner with equal respect and dignity.

Our extracurricular program aims to promote students' intellectual, ethical, cultural and sporting interests and to encourage the acquisition of key qualifications, including interdisciplinary discussions, critical reflection as well as personal fulfilment and development. The Studium Generale at Heilbronn University will deepen your expertise and boost your career prospects. Students at Heilbronn University can obtain the so-called STUDIUM GENERALE Certificate.

Please find further information here.

As our graduates are future professionals and leaders working in a vibrant environment we take the responsibility to educate our students in a broad understanding of knowledge transfer and innovation.

HUGS works closely with its many partners in business, industry and the local community to create a sustainable and ethical learning environment for its students and to ensure the relevance of teaching for the corporate world.

The following activities take place at HUGS:
  • The Board of School and Supervisory Board that accompany the development of curricular programs ensure their acceptance and thus warrant the employability of graduates.
  • HUGS currently cooperate with over 60 companies, which contribute directly to the faculty’s academic input and output.
  • Practitioner contribution includes lecturers who impart their expertise in specialized areas or provide ad hoc support as project coordinators or sponsors.
  • The collaboration with the corporate world has engendered multiple networks that have gained recognition far beyond their regional boundaries. They comprise logistics specialists, a group of 120 marketing and sales entrepreneurs, a management accounting network which boasts 300 members and institutes specializing in corporate forecast models and system dynamics.
  • Several members of staff have set up their own consulting companies and act as expert con-sultants for companies. This also enables them to integrate current business practices and economic trends in their lectures.
  • On-site excursions to associated industrial partners, for instance, offer students genuine in-sights into the business world.

All HUGS member benefit in many ways from the manifold connections. This not only enhances the attractiveness of student´s learning experience, it is also a valuable source of information for their course work, seminar papers, projects and dissertations and on the other hand results in a valuable knowledge transfer.

Quality Management at HUGS aims at continually improving and revising teaching approaches and learning outcomes. It includes regular assessments of programme contents, modes of instruction and didactic approaches. Newly appointed lecturers are encouraged to attend didactic seminars and all faculty members are expected to keep abreast of the current developments in their subject area.

Administrative staff are recruited in line with the faculty’s quality standards. They are offered regular training.

Continuous improvement for teaching and learning is the success factor for high potential graduates. Therefore curricula groups evaluating, analyzing and discussing insights on a regular basis.

As our graduates are future professionals and leaders working in a vibrant environment we take the responsibility to educate our students in a broad understanding of knowledge transfer and innovation.

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