Partner Universities of the Faculty of Engineering

19ERASMUS+ Partner in Europe
Tendency: increasing
36Worldwide Partner
Tendency: increasing
on five continents
100+Exchanges (in/out) per Year
Tendency: increasing

If you are a student of one of our partner universities, you may consider to come to Heilbronn for an exchange  semester or for even one year. The advantages are:

  • The organization is supported by us and your sending institution
  • You do not pay tuition fees
  • There is an extended scholarship offer

For more information please refer to the site Information for Incomings

If you are a student in Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences and want to go abroad, please refer to the German language version of this page

HHN is part of the DHIK university consortium. The DHIK is a consortium of 38 universities promoting exchange programs and internship terms with universities in various countries, notably in China, Mexico and India. 

This list is a construction site and is constantly being expanded!