Master Entrepreneurship

The master's program in entrepreneurship builds on bringing together interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to enable students to acquire important competences for starting their own business.

As part of this project, the course is being transformed into a hybrid learning journey in collaboration with students that is consistently aligned with the needs of the learners. This represents a paradigm shift from instructor-centeredness to learner-centeredness. By introducing a holistic collaborative blended learning concept, the learning journey of the students is optimally supported.

Studenten disskutieren untereinander, ein Student hält ein Tablet in der Hand

Based on strengths/weaknesses analysis and oriented to their own learning goals, students complete (digital) learning journeys, designed on the basis of insights into motivation, user experience and learning flow. Students experience themselves as designers of their own learning and development path to a much greater extent than in previous study formats.

The learning journeys include quality support through a helper and mentor system, hybrid learning units and flows, digital social connection and networking opportunities, self-navigation systems, and guide students level by level to successful graduation.

Eine Studentin steht vor eienem großen Bildschirm, auf dem eine Präsentation zu sehen ist und erklärt anderen Studierenden etwas.

The didactic concept enables the maximization of learning experiences that support the development of the student on several levels. Spaces and occasions are created to try out things under real conditions. Experience, encounter, participation and collaborative problem solving are emphasized.

The concept relies on intuition to make learning as easy as possible for the student. A new generation of digital collaboration tools creates the opportunity to work together with like-minded people at any time, regardless of space or time constraints.

3 Studierende sprechen im Flur mit einer jungen Professorin