Innovation through collaboration - teaching and learning in a networked community


Heilbronn University of Applied Science has decided to develop technical tools and didactic concepts that promote collaboration and interaction. In particular, interdisciplinary, inter-faculty and inter-university collaboration should be strengthened or enabled. With InduKo, we strengthen this interdisciplinary, cross-faculty and cross-location collaboration with innovative digital tools as well as with modern, digitally supporting approaches to motivational support, and in this way create innovation through collaboration (in German: Innovation durch Kollaboration). Therefore, we actively work together with students in the development.

After successful completion of InduKo, the following core elements are available:

  • field-tested, transferable concepts for digital teaching with a focus on innovation and collaboration, as well as an integrative blended learning course concept for the Master Entrepreneurship,

  • a cross-site open source community platform for the exchange and further development of innovative ideas,

  • a secure open source messenger for the operation of the university and a distributed ledger technology based solution for digital non-disclosure agreements.

All project components are interlinked but can also be used individually and across universities. The project has been classified as eligible for funding by the "Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschullehre".

Social Networking Konzept mit virtuellem Bildschirm


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brecht, Prorector for Studies and Teaching at the HHN

The switch to online teaching and online studies has clearly shown us all the possibilities but also the limits of digitization. Good teaching is only successful if it is supplemented by good learning. In this area of tension, the project is forward-looking.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brecht, Prorector for Studies and Teaching at the HHN

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