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An important component of the lively digital collaboration will be the HHN-wide open-source platform "IdeaLize" (Idea + reaLize), which enables the exchange and further development of innovative ideas.

On this platform, students, employees, teachers and also external parties can post ideas and solutions, such as innovative business models, design ideas, codes or novel teaching concepts, and work on them together. Readers can view the ideas and interim results, comment on them, post feedback, reuse them for their own projects, or participate directly in their further development. This creates inspiration for common projects or start-ups and a variety of opportunities for exchange between students and teachers across location and faculty boundaries.

With the help of suitable matching algorithms, IdeaLize offers support not only for innovative start-up ideas, but also, for example, for the establishment of WOL-communities, learning groups, networking within the scope of scientific projects or the networking of other stakeholders within the academic community.

As ideas evolve among users, they become more detailed over time and implementation progresses.

For teachers, IdeaLize creates transparency and inspiration for innovative learning projects. Teachers can exchange ideas in the system, chat with each other (see below) and post feedback and enhancement options for ideas for learning projects.

After completion, we aim to open the platform to other universities and companies so that the community becomes larger and more diverse. The implementation of the platform will be based on existing open source solutions.

Other universities and institutions can participate in the further development of the platform.

The internal implementation of the platform enables the technical features to be adapted to specific requirements of students and teachers. Furthermore, innovative research ideas, e.g. in the field of artificial intelligence or gamification, can be tested.