Fields of research

Usability Engineering

Since 2004 we have extensive experience in applying human-centered development processes (ISO 9241-210) and in the holistic design of products, which are characterized by a high usability and a high software ergonomic quality. We did Usability-projects in many different domains, e.g., automotive, production automation and healthcare.

A further research focus is the formalization of usability knowledge for automatic testing of (3D) user interfaces.

Innovative Interaction Technologies

The UniTyLab has experience in researching and developing Virtual-, Augmented-, and Mixed Reality applications and prototypes for more than 15 years. We have several Virtual- and Mixed Reality labs and demonstrators in our research institute. We use innovative interaction technologies such as smart sensors, smart glasses, smart watches, data gloves, VR treadmills, gesture control devices and brain-computer interfaces for research and industry projects.