Tagung "Mensch und Computer 2022" in Darmstadt

Workshop "Augmenting Usability Evaluation"


The aim of the workshop is to collect, share and discuss novel approaches that support and augment the (semi-)automatic evaluation of (complex) interactive applications focusing on the user interface.


There exist many guidelines, norms, and standards on how usability can be evaluated (ISO 9241, W3C WCAG, VDI/VDE 3850, …). However, the evaluation itself is still to be executed by humans. This can be a tedious, erroneous, lengthy and expensive task. Furthermore, the results can vary depending on the executing expert. Therefore, this important stage in the development of interactive applications is often shortened or omitted altogether. Therefore, it is desirable to both support and streamline the evaluation of the usability of an application.


Augmenting and supporting the evaluation of the usability can be achieved with regard to many different channels and means, e.g.:

  • Formalizing “soft” criteria (Usability knowledge) in the ISO 9241 and WCAG, e.g. suitability for the task, self-explanatory.
  • Evaluating screen-recordings by way of image recognition techniques.
  • Evaluating existing implementation code of an application in order to derive a formal model which in turn can be formally evaluated.
  • Evaluating prototypes and assessing various properties with regard to their usability.
  • Not only the usability of the ubiquitous graphical user interface can be supported, but also the usability of other means of interactions. E.g., Voice interfaces are by design tightly structured, potentially offering an easier approach to formal evaluation.
  • Novel evaluation approaches for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality user interfaces.

The support may or may not replace the human in the loop. It is expected that in most cases, humans will still have the last word when it comes to classifying and judging the results of the support. Hence a full automatization will be a topic of the future, currently we look forward to many ways of an augmentation of the evaluation process in usability engineering.

Target Audience:

Different communities and disciplines are involved in developing such a topic, both in the research and in the development practice. We expect to discuss relevant contributions from computer scientists, designers, Data and AI experts, psychologists, etc. The workshop’s goal is to set-up a heterogenous community for future information exchange.

Organizational Stuff

We seek for any contribution of approaches that support and augment the (semi-)automatic evaluation of (complex) interactive applications focusing on the user interface.

The workshop contributions (up to 6 pages long) can either be in German or in English language. The submitted papers must follow the writing guidelines.

The talking language during the workshop depends on the participants. If we have international participants the language will be English, otherwise German.

The accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings as a workshop volume. Submission of the workshop contributions will be done with the conference management system ConfTool.

There will be a special issue of the i-com (Journal of Interactive Media) in 2023 (deadline in March 2023). Authors of the best submitted papers will be invited to submit an extended version of their workshop paper to the special issue of i-com.

To ensure a hight quality of the papers, there will be a single-blind review process. Each paper will be reviewed by at least 2 reviewers.

The workshop will tak place in the morning of Wednesday, 7th of September 2022. It will last 4 hours (half-day) long.

Currently it is structered as follows:

- Welcome, introduction, presentations by authors (2 hours)
   * Identification of topics for discussion, division into groups

- Discussion in groups incl. breaks (1,5 hours)
   * Document results in the groups (e.g. flipcharts, tablecloths (paper), photos, mindmap)

- Presentation of results and conclusion (0,5 hours)


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerrit Meixner

Research Professor for Human-Computer Interaction

+49 7131 504 6731

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Dahm

Professor of Computer Science and Software Ergonomics

+49 211 4351 3260

Important Dates

06.07.2022: Submission deadline

13.07.2022: Notification of reviews

27.07.2022: Camera-ready

07.09.2022: Workshop-day

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