Technical Handbook 

Information and Targets

The PROSIT Technical Handbook explains the basic functions and definitions regarding the disease models.

Latest Release

Follow this link to the latest release of the Technical Handbook (Version 1.0, July 2012).

It was edited by Wendelin Schramm and Christian Weiß. 

Publication Guide

Information and Targets

The PROSIT Publication Guidance is the internal guideline of the PROSIT Disease Modelling Community regarding the conducting and publishing of health-economic studies especially when using PROSIT disease models.

This document is published as OpenSource content and is meant to be a help and a guidance to people when publishing a health-economic study or evaluation. This document leads authors through the process of a HE study and helps to bring the results down on paper.

For Discussion - Upcoming Release

Currently we are preparing the 1.2 version of the PPG. The file is now open for discussion and can be downloaded here. Comments on how to improve the guidance are welcomed. Please use the discussion tab of this page above or send an e-mail to us. We will summarise the feedback in July 2018.

Latest Release

Follow this link to the latest release of the PROSIT Publication Guidance (Version 1.1, July 2012).

To access former releases please view the history of the mentioned page.


The development team of the Prosit Publication Guidance.