Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences


Semester contribution

All students will have to pay a fee for the enrollment (administration fee of EUR 70.00, a social contribution for the student services of EUR 59.00 and a contribution to the"constituted students' union" of EUR 25.00).

The payment to the student services (Studierendenwerk Heidelberg) is used as a contribution to cover the costs for the student facilities like Mensa, Cafeteria, Student Halls, and a contribution towards the Semesterticket.

Also the Student's Union charges a student contribution, which allows it to fulfil its tasks. The Student's Union consists of all students enrolled and deals with higher education policy as well as with the students' subject-related, interdisciplinary, economic, social and cultural issues.

Tuition fees for International students

In the state of Baden-Württemberg there are tuition fees of EUR 1,500 per semester for international students not from EU/EEA countries.

Costs for living and accommodation are not included in the tuition fees. Additionally to the tuition fees there is also the semester fee (administration, student services and student’s union) of currently EUR 154.00 per semester.

The fees are for international students who enter for the purpose of study. Students from the EU, the European Economic Area (EEA) and students who are part of an Erasmus Program are excluded from these fees. Refugees are also not affected. Students who have already begun their studies or who start in the summer semester 2017 are also unconcerned. Students who received their general qualification for university entrance in Germany without German citizenship are excluded.

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Costs of Living

The costs of living for a student are about 800 Euro per month. These costs of living per month cover on average expenditures as follows*:

  • Rent and additional charges: 298 €
  • Food: 165 €
  • Clothing: 52 €
  • Textbooks and supplies:30 €
  • Car, public transport: 82 €
  • Health Insuranc, medicine: about 66 €
  • Communication (telephone, Internet etc.): 33 €
  • Recreation, culture, sport: about 68 €

* Source: German Student Services (20th Social Survey of the Deutsche Studentenwerk, 2012)

Funding for students

Here you can find further information about scholarships and funding possibilities.