Heilbronn University


Semester contribution

There is no tuition fee involved in study programmes of Heilbronn University. However, all students will have to pay a fee for the enrollment (administration fee of EUR 60.00, a social contribution for the student services of EUR 54.00 and a contribution to the"constituted students' union" of EUR 13.50).

The payment to the student services (Studierendenwerk Heidelberg) is used as a contribution to cover the costs for the student facilities like Mensa, Cafeteria, Student Halls, and a contribution towards the Semesterticket.

Also the Student's Union charges a student contribution, which allows it to fulfil its tasks. The Student's Union consists of all students enrolled and deals with higher education policy as well as with the students' subject-related, interdisciplinary, economic, social and cultural issues.

Costs of Living

The costs of living for a student are about 800 Euro per month. These costs of living per month cover on average expenditures as follows*:

  • Rent and additional charges: 298 €
  • Food: 165 €
  • Clothing: 52 €
  • Textbooks and supplies:30 €
  • Car, public transport: 82 €
  • Health Insuranc, medicine: about 66 €
  • Communication (telephone, Internet etc.): 33 €
  • Recreation, culture, sport: about 68 €

* Source: German Student Services (20th Social Survey of the Deutsche Studentenwerk, 2012)

Funding for students

Here you can find further information about scholarships and funding possibilities.