Research funding

Funding information


The team of the Vice Rector for Research, Transfer, Innovation work hand in hand with the research sponsors of the faculties. The first point of contact is the research funder in the faculty.

In the form center, helpful documents for the research process such as sample contracts, calculation information, forms and regulations are available.

Services of the Faculties
  • Information on funding programs
  • Advice in the application process
  • Guide to the finance department and human resources department

Contact Faculties
Services of the Prorectorate for Research, Transfer, Innovation
  • Overview of the funding landscape
  • Information on tenders
  • Advice on formal application design and (protection) legal issues
  • Assistance with financial planning
  • Provision of sample contracts
Ethics Committee

Heilbronn University set up an ethics committee in April 2019 to ensure the responsible use of freedom of research.