Psychosocial Cancer Consulting

The BMBF cancer counselling project basically consists of the development of a mobile application in cooperation with the University Medical Centre Freiburg and the Frauenhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI in Karlsruhe. The University Medical Centre Freiburg is responsible for coordinating the project.

In order to properly engage with the project and the development process, it is important to understand and deal with the content and background of cancer. Along with this, it is important to analyse and comprehensibly define the treatment process and the course of the disease and treatment.

Qualitative information on this can be found under the following links:

So far, we have focussed on the needs and requirements of those affected by the app. These findings have a significant influence on the app development and, based on these requirements, we decide which functions the app should fulfil.

It is particularly important to us that those affected are actively involved in the design process as it progresses. To this end, we work closely with potential users as a team in learning and experimentation rooms, where they can test initial versions of our app, for example.

Possible functions could be, for example:

  • Chat function for dialogue with other sufferers and experts
  • Relaxation and meditation exercises
  • Information on psychological topics (e.g. how do I deal with my anxiety?)
  • Information on social law issues (e.g. how do I fill out a rehab application?)
  • Referrals to regional support services

The aim is to develop a minimum viable product (MVP, a first functional version of the app) by the end of 2023. In the long term, we want to develop the app further and add functions. It should be made easily accessible to all those affected.


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Below you will find important information and related links on the subject of cancer advice, funding and digital health applications.


Your Collaboration

We are always looking for student and research assistants in the following areas:

Frontend and backend development, requirements analysis, UI design, online marketing and social media management. In addition, we are always open to your own research proposals.



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