Performance-oriented funding of academic mid-level positions for research groups at universities of applied sciences in Baden-Württemberg (Mittelbauprogramm)


Project description

The project is based at the Institute for Flow in Additively Manufactured Porous Media (ISAPS), which works together with regional and national industrial companies on applied research issues in the field of porous media.

The research group uses numerical and experimental methods for describing multiphase flows, e.g. in porous media and indoor environments, and the transfer of research results into practice. The close connection of experimental and numerical approaches is one of the great strengths of the working group, which allows an in-house validation of modeling approaches and simulations by comparison with experimental data and, conversely, a plausibility check and understanding-based interpretation of experimental investigations.

Within the framework of several research projects, the working group deals with experimental and numerical investigations of the transport and deposition of aerosol particles indoors and - in cooperation with virologists - the inactivation of viruses in aerosol particles.

Project goal

The central goal of the is to provide tailored support for young scientists according to their respective qualification level (master’s student, doctoral student, postdoc). In addition to the actual scientific work and its publication, the young scientists in the team are therefore encouraged to continue their professional and non-specialist training. The young scientists should learn to conduct independent research (scientific writing, good scientific practice and research ethics, knowledge of methods, research data management, presentation of research results) as well as tools to complete the doctorate according to high scientific standards and in a reasonable amount of time (self-organization and time organization, project management).