Meeting Space at Künzelsau Campus

In room 105A at the Künzelsau Campus you will find an oasis of peace for a short break from everyday life, your personal prayer or meditation. To enhance comfort, the room is equipped with carpeting, so please remove your shoes in the foyer.

The Meeting Space is open to all religions and denominations, and it is equally accessible to individuals who do not belong to any religious community.

The room is available to EVERYONE on campus during building opening hours – please be mindful and respectful of one another.

You can access the meeting room with the key. Please ask Reverend Sabine Focken, the service secretariat or Sandra Scheufler from AStA Service Künzelsau for the numerical code to remove the key from the key safe.

For any other inquiries, please also contact Ms Focken or Ms Scheufler:

Das Bild zeigt die Raumnummer sowie den Schlüsseltresor.
Auf dem Bild sind die Regeln zur Nutzung zu sehen.
Das Bild zeigt die Sitzscke und Meditationsbänke im Raum der Begegnung.