Climate Movements by Sharing Perspectives Foundation

Participating countries:

Ireland, UK, Syria, Netherlands, Algeria, France, Palestine, Belgium, etc.

Participating universities:

For an extensive overview of partnerships please view this list

Project description:

In this 9-week flagship virtual exchange course, Heilbronn University is collaborating with Sharing Perspectives Foundation, a non-profit organization that has over the last three years engaged more than 10.000 young people in virtual exchange courses and worked with over 80 institutions worldwide.

The VE course "Climate Movements" will focus on one of humanity’s biggest questions: climate change. 7 participants from different faculties from Heilbronn University come together weekly with students from other countries and backgrounds to discuss the themes of the course under the guidance of experienced dialogue facilitators. They learn from expert academics and practitioners through an original audiovisual lecture series and engage in interactive assignments which bring their online experience to their offline realities.

The course is sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service with funds from of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and recognized within the Studium Generale at Heilbronn University for the area in "Ethics, Sustainability & Environment".


Oct 11 - Dec 10 2021

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