Access² Preparation Year


What´s it about?

Starting your studies abroad means changes. From learning a new language, settling in at a new city to achieving success in your academic courses - ACCESS² offers you the complete preparation for your start in Heilbronn.

The main component consists of an intensive German language course that leads you to the required level for starting your studies. In addition, you can attend your first technical subjects at the university. These courses are offered in English and include contents from the Bachelor curriculum. Upon successful completion of the exams, you acquire your first ECTS credit points. These can then be recognised for your basic studies if you apply for one of the participating Bachelor programmes after the preparation year.

Furthermore, ACCESS² offers you additional services such as individual consultation sessions, company visits, mentoring with experienced students and modules for upgrading your academic and presentation skills.




2 Semester:

10 to 50 ECTS



Tuition fee:





June 1

Course Structure

Language Preparation

Learning German is a core element of the ACCESS² preparation year. Participants can choose from two different courses at our academic partner AIM (Academy for Innovative Education and Management):

Target level: C1

(general required language level of most study programmes)

In this intensive language course, participants learn 30 hours/week. In addition, they have seminars on academic skills and can attend excursions.

During three afternoons/week, participants are free to attend technical classes in English at HHN. This will amount to approx. 10 ECTS/semester in technical subjects.

Target level: B2

(required language level of the Bachelor programmes "Mechatronics and Robotics" and "Electrical Systems Engineering" at HHN)

In this language course, participants learn 8 hours/week during the semester period and have intensive language classes of 40 hours/week during the semester breaks.

Besides their language course, partipants can flexibly choose technical classes in English at HHN. This can amount to a maximum of 25 ECTS/semester in technical subjects.


Both language courses are free of charge. Participants of both courses will be matriculated as students of the ACCESS² preparation year at HHN. In both language courses, attendance is mandatory.

Technical Preparation

In addition to the language course, ACCESS² students can attend technical classes at the Faculty of Mechanics and Electronics in English. This gives them the opportunity to get familiar with the German academic culture, interact with professors and students and take their first steps towards the goal of becoming an engineer. Depending on their schedule and individual preferences, ACCESS² students can join technical courses to the extent of 5 up to 25 ECTS/semester.

Possible Modules:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering Design
  • Materials
  • Mechanical Engineering

ACCESS² Preparation Year - Full of Opportunities!

  • ACCESS² offers you a comprehensive combination of knowledge and support to settle in to your new place of study.
  • If you finish the programme with the German language level of B2, you can then apply to our Bachelor programmes "Electrical Systems Engineering" or "Mechatronics and Robotics". The technical courses you have passed during the preparation year can be recognised upon request. This will allow you to finish your studies in less time!
  • If you finish the programme with the German language level of C1, you are free to apply to other Bachelor programmes as well.
  • Whatever option you choose: you will definitely benefit from the skills, network and experiences you gained in ACCESS²!
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