• JE* on Ambiguity and Strategic Interactions, 2019, Grenoble

  • The Risk, Uncertainty and Decision (RUD) Conference, 2018, Heidelberg

  • The first Bayesian Crowd Workshop, 2017, Rotterdam

  • ESA World Meeting, 2017, San Diego

  • The Risk, Uncertainty and Decision (RUD) Conference, 2016, Paris

  • The 26th International Conference on Game Theory, 2015, New York

  • 5th Annual EPSA Conference, 2015, Vienna

  • ESA European Meeting, 2014, Prague

  • 2nd Annual WBS Summer School on Decision Making Under Uncertainty, 2014, Warwick

  • The 16th Conference on the Foundations of Utility and Risk (FUR), 2014, Rotterdam

  • German Economic Association of Business Administration e. V., XIV. Symposium zur ökonomischen Analyse der Unternehmung, 2013, Magdeburg