Conference Papers

Presse, Volker / Erner, Michael: Service Innovation at a critical starting point; 10th International CINet Conference - Enhancing the Innovation Environment; Brisbane, 6.-8. September 2009

Erner, Michael / gentschen Felde, Knud O.v.d. / Presse, Volker: An approach to integrate the concept of open innovation in the Telco market - the case of Deutsche Telekom Laboratories; 1st ISPIM Innovation Symposium – Managing Innovation in a Connected World, Singapur, 14.-17. Dezember 200

8Presse, Volker / Steinhoff, Fee / Erner, Michael: User clinics as efficient tool for identifying and addressing segment-specific customer requirements in R&D projects; Risk and Uncertainty in R&D Management, Ottawa, 17-20. Juni 2008

Erner, Michael / Presse, Volker: A Modular based Approach to Reduce Uncertainty in R&D; Risk and Uncertainty in R&D Management; Bremen, 4.-6. Juli 2007

Erner, Michael / Presse, Volker: An Approach, How Innovation Marketing faces the Challenges of New Product Development within the Telecommunication Industry; 7th Global Conference on Business & Economics, Rom, 13.-14. Oktober 2007

Erner, Michael / Feiten, Bernhard / Presse, Volker: Overarching QoS makes the digital distribution market happen; 3rd International Conference on Automated Production of Cross Media Content for Multi-Channel Distribution; Barcelona, 28.-30. November 2007