Bachelor Thesis Themen

Zurzeit biete ich folgende Themen für die Bachelor Thesis zur Betreuung an.

Wenn Sie weitere Fragen zu den angebotenen Themen haben, nehmen Sie gerne persönlichen Kontakt zu mir auf.


  • The process of venture creation
  • Entrepreneurial strategy
  • Information assessment in entrepreneurial settings (Prediction and control-oriented strategies)
  • Business angel investment
  • Serial and portfolio entrepreneurs
  • Female entrepreneurship
  • Effectuation and entrepreneurial behavior

Microeconomics and applied game theory

  • Behavioral aspects of social norms
  • Gender wage gap, gender and bargaining
  • Resource sustainability

Quantative and qualitative methods

Regardless of the topic you choose, I supervise theses that use quantitative and qualitative methods.

Bereits betreute Themen


  • Succession in Family Businesses: crucial factors for its success
  • Business Plan der TecSee UG
  • The Significance of Open Innovation in a Company's Innovation Process Considering the Example of SAP
  • The determinants of female entrepreneurship in Morocco: An empirical investigation
  • Causation and effectuation processes in German entrepreneurship
  • Crowdfunding as a solution to overcome barriers in capital funding for female business owners in the United States of America
  • Causation and effectuation in female entrepreneurship: A storytelling of women and their way to success
  • Female Entrepreneurship in the United Arab Emirates - Contributions, Challenges and Opportunities
  • Fostering the Cultural Support of the Mexican Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
  • Investments into their own business by female online entrepreneurs


  • Climate change as a challenge to winter tourism in Switzerland
  • Reaching a sustainable tourism in marine and island tourism in Indonesia (Raja Ampat - Bali) - A game theoretical analysis
  • Sustainability of resources and the tragedy of the commons
  • On the pathway to sustainability: the role of social entrepreneurship
  • Understanding the situation of the developing world: A new integrative approach to measuring sustainable socio-economic progress
  • Communicating sustainability practices in the fast food industry


  • Strategic aspect concerning the re-entry to the Argentinean market (Partner Company: Robert Bosch GmbH)
  • Regional Agglomeration and Entrepreneurial Culture: What drives the success of the Silicon Valley?
  • Mini business field analysis for connectivity solutions in automotive brake market (Partner Company: Robert Bosch GmbH)
  • Markt- und Wettbewerbsanalyse in definierten Gebieten und die dazugehörige Entwicklung des Vertriebskanals oder der Vertriebskanäle
  • Presentation of brand and product at the point of sale in the luxury bath fittings segment (Partner Company: GSTech GmbH)
  • e-sports - The future of brand communication in the Automotive industry: A profound analysis of the Mercedes Benz AG & Porsche AG
  • Customer satisfaction measurement: recommendations for the successful implementation of Net Promoter Score in Alphabet
  • Data concept for OneM KPI Tracking Tool
  • Gender stereotypes in advertisements - A comparison of food, sports, and personal care commercials


  • Digital Leadership: erforderliche Führungskompetenzen und Anforderungen an die Führungskräfte der Zukunft im Kontext der Digitalisierung
  • Herausforderungen der klassischen Customer Journey durch Digitalisierung im B2B am Beispiel der ESCRYPT GmbH
  • Organization theory
  • How Agility affects the well-being of employees: an empirical investigation
  • Teal Organizations: Self-Managed Organizations in Theory and Practice

Social norms

  • How personal values such as trust affect business relationships within United Arab Emirate Companies
  • The Development of Social Norms Concerning Female Employment - A Game Theoretical Analysis

Project evaluation

  • Bolivianisches Kinderhilfswerk-Projekt Musug Sungu: Eine Wirkungsanalyse
  • Cultural marketing for small-scale art projects by the example of the Popbüro Heilbronn-Franken and the "Viel and Draußen Festival 2018".