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Accommodation: Where to live?

Heilbronn's youth hostel is a suitable place to stay when it is just a question of having a roof over your head for a short while. If you are looking for a hotel, visit the website of Heilbronn Marketing GmbH.

Room database

For more accommodation options, please check the room provided by the Office of Student Services of Heilbronn University. Here you will find a list of commission-free rooms available on the private housing market. The database can be accessed via yourUniversity account login.

If you have any further questions, please contact: studentisches-servicebuero@hs-heilbronn.de

Further accommodation offers

Halls of residence

The three halls of residence of the Studierendenwerk Heidelberg offer a room or apartment in a student residence hall, as do the two halls of residence of the municipal housing cooperative GEWO, which are very close to the Heilbronn - Sontheim campus. Directly next to the Sontheim campus, there is also the residence hall "RobertA" run by a private operator.

Within walking distance of the Heilbronn - Am Europaplatz campus there are two privately-operated residence halls, "PaulA" and "Jimi Living". There is another private residence hall near the main train station: www.PUROpartment.de. Centrally located in Heilbronn city centre is the "Haus Lohtor" – a former hotel that has been made over into a residence hall. Starting in fall 2015, wgOne in the Paulinenstraße will open; this residence hall is currently under construction and is also in the immediate vicinity of the Am Europaplatz campus.

Where is which residence hall? This interactive map will provide you with an overview.

Overview of halls of residence in Heilbronn


Name and type of accommodation


No. of beds

Studierendenwerk Heidelberg Hall of residence Max-Planck-Straße 27 238
Studierendenwerk Heidelberg Gustav-Berger-Haus (Hall of residence) Max-Planck-Straße 31 134
Studierendenwerk Heidelberg Hall of residence John-F.-Kennedy-Straße 15-15/2 72
Heilbronner Stadtsiedlung Apartments Sontheimer Landwehr 15-23 20
Gewo App-one (Apartments) Sontheimer Landwehr 1 53
Gewo App-two (Apartments) Robert-Bosch-Str. 45 47
Böhringer Creativbau/private PaulA_Flat (Apartments) Paulinenstraße 14/1 106
Böhringer LebenBilden GmbH Robert-Bosch-Straße 34 80
i Live Heilbronn GmbH Weststraße 26 89
Immobilien Haddad/privat Neckarsulmer Straße 17 - 19 38
GfWB – Gesellschaft für Wohnbau mbH/privat Lohtorstraße 7 114
Rewo GmbH/privat Paulinenstr. 43 37
WohnWunsch Immobilien Ludwigsburger Str. 4 12