Heilbronn University


To continue your studies in the next semester, you must submit a re-enrolment within the period of semester fee payment.

The period of semester fee payment for the summer semester 2017 is 09 January - 15 February 2017.

Currently, the semester fee is 127.50 € per semester.

Bank transfer

Students may pay the semester fee by money transfer.  To ensure the automatic processing of incoming payments, and thus of your re-enrolment for the upcoming semester, please fill in the money transfer form as shown in one of the following sample forms (click on link):

Sample SEPA - money transfer with IBAN and BIC

Important: Please fill in the money transfer form as shown in the samples above and do not change the details or sequence of the "Verwendungszweck" (reason for payment). Otherwise, automatic data processing and your re-enrolment will not be possible.

Certificate of study

After you have made the money transfer, it will take 2 to 3 weeks before we re-enrol you in the system, at which point you may print out your matriculation certificates via our homepage. (For the printout, you need the Adobe Reader program, which you can download from www.adobe.com.)

Following this link your certificate of study can be verified:

Link for verification of certificates of study

With the the certificate verification number, the certificate presented may be checked regarding to whom and for which semester it was issued.

Who has to pay the semester fee?

  • All students who are enrolled – even while internship, semester abroad and holiday semester
  • All students while applying for their thesis have to be enrolled. In case you already finished all other exams you do not have to re-enroll for writing the thesis. Please note, that you do not have the status of a student (for visa, university’s library, health insurance,…).

How does the semester fee composed?

According to the State University Fee Law, an administrative fee in the amount of EUR 60.00 is set for each semester. This fee is also due upon matriculation and with each confirmation.

According to the Student Services Law (Studentenwerkgesetz) for the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Heilbronn University is assigned to the Heidelberg Student Services. According to this law, students must pay a mandatory fee. Currently, this fee, called the Student Services fee, is set at EUR 54.00. According to the fee schedule of the Student Services, the Student Services fee for the services provided is EUR 39.00, plus EUR 15.00 for contracted services (student ticket). The Student Services fee is also due upon matriculation or confirmation.

According to the fee schedule, all students are required to pay a student contribution of EUR 13.50 per semester. This contribution is due regardless of the extent to which students actually avail themselves of the services provided by the Student's Union (Statutes of the Student Body of Heilbronn University).

Should you have any questions, please contact your person in charge at the Registration Office "Studierendensekretariat".