STARTKLAR Gründungszentrum (Start-up-Centre)

STARTKLAR supports students and members of the HHN who are interested in founding a company to go their own way and actively shape the future. Regardless of whether you have already found your idea or just need initial information: we are THE contact persons for all questions regarding entrepreneurship and start-up culture at HHN. If you would like to learn more about us, our work and our guiding principles, you can find more information here.


We have 5 places for Exist-Women!

What is EXIST-Women?
The EXIST-Women program line has been expanding the EXIST funding program since 2023 and offers specific support for women at universities and research institutions who are interested in starting their own business. The aim is to encourage women to embark on the path to entrepreneurial independence.

Who is supported?
EXIST-Women is aimed at women interested in setting up their own business. Funding is available to graduates, scientists, students and women with a professional qualification and a connection to Heilbronn University. If you are still studying, you must have already completed more than half of your studies.

How is support provided?
The prospective female founders complete a qualification phase until December 31, 2024, optionally with a 3-month scholarship if the participant does not work more than 20 hours. The scholarship amount varies between €1000 and €3000 depending on the qualification, and material resources of up to €2,000 can be applied for.
The aim is to strengthen the entrepreneurial personality and further develop start-up ideas.

What can you do?
We are part of Exist-Women and we have 5 places for the program!
You can apply to us by 14.02.2024 with a letter of application (approx. 1000 characters) describing your motivations.



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