What is HHN INVEST-PRO³? And what does the project consist of?

HHN INVEST-PRO³ stands for "Hochschule Heilbronn INternational Vernetzt durch die Entwicklung gemeinsamer STudienprogramme mit hoher PRaxisOrientierung", which roughly translates to "Heilbronn University - internationally connected through the development of joint study programmes with a high practical focus". The project is organised into three subprojects aiming at

  1. developing double degree programmes,
  2. promoting international career service offers and
  3. increasing international research projects.

The project is funded within module B of the DAAD programme "HAW.International". The aim of the DAAD programme is to promote the internationalisation of universities of applied sciences, to qualify students for the global job market and to incorporate internationalisation processes at all university levels.

For this purpose Heilbronn University is striving to expand international study formats, to strengthen networks with international partner universities and companies, and to intensify international cooperations in the areas of research and teaching. During the project period from October 2019 to September 2023, Heilbronn University receives funding of almost 1 million euros from the DAAD through grants of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

HHN INVEST-PRO³ is organized into three interconnected subprojects:

  • Planned cooperations between the Faculties of Economics and Transport (WV), Computer Science (IT) and Mechanics and Electronics (T1) as well as the Faculty of International Business (IB) with partner universities in Vietnam, Russia and Algeria
  • Full scholarship opportunities for students who acquire a double degree within INVEST-PRO³
  • Interdisciplinary process development for the establishment of future double degrees
  • Assistance in finding internship and thesis placements in Germany and abroad
  • Job coaching and advice to increase the understanding of the local (German) job market
  • Personal career development and job and labour market orientation (e.g. company visits, excursions)
  • Job application training and assistance in developing skills for work placements
  • An application-related, interdisciplinary research project with the Vietnamese-German University
  • Collaborative development of a virtual reality vehicle simulator based on Unity 3D
  • Full scholarship opportunities for master and doctoral students who wish to partake in the research project by joining the research team abroad (in Germany for VGU students and in Vietnam for HHN students)

HHN INVEST-PRO³ is financed by the DAAD through grants of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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