Protection against discrimination at HHN

What is discrimination?

Legally, it means the discrimination against people due to a protected feature without factual justification. 


Feature worth protecting

Factual Justification

  • every form of bad treatment
  • people with different conditions are all treated equaly
According to the general  equal treament act:
  • ethnicity / origin
  • gender
  • religion / beliefs
  • disablity
  • age
  • sexual orientation
  • Harassment is never objectively justified
  • positive measures to compensate for cultural disadvantages are permitted, e.g. the exclusion of men from women's support programs.

For example: A student writes slow, but has to take an exam at the same time as everyone else.

For example: When muslim momen are beeing insulted because they are wearing a headscarf, this affects them due to their gender and beliefs.

For example: If a place at University is only awarded to people with very good language skills, this is a disadvantage, that is objectively justified.

Advice and complaint channes at HHN

If you have experienced discrimination and don't know how to solve the situation on your own, you should contact us at one of our conact points. You have the right to issue a complaint at the complaint office in accordance to §13 AGG. All complaints are beeing treated strictly confidential.

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