COIL Course Cloud Computing

Participating countries:

Germany - Vietnam

Participating universities: 

Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences (Heilbronn) - Vietnamese-German University (Ho Chi Minh City)

COIL project description:

In this Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) course, students from the Software Engineering (SEM) master's program and the Business Information Systems (BIS) program at the Vietnamese-German University in Ho Chi Minh City learn to build a modern enterprise infrastructure in the form of a private cloud.

The goal is to develop a solution that is as holistic as possible. This includes the practical construction of a physical single-board computer cluster, which will be set up and put into operation as part of a joint exchange of students.

After this joint prelude, the students switch to collaborative online mode and design and install the software landscape for the administration, monitoring and operation of the built cloud platform, on which software developed by the course participants themselves is operated at the end of the project. The intercultural and geographically distributed environment will prepare the students for a real project environment.


Winter term 2022