Students' Voice - Erfahrungsberichte

Für Outgoings

Fühlen Sie sich unsicher oder unentschlossen?  Es lohnt sich, einen Blick auf die Erfahrungen Ihrer Kommilitonen*innen zu werfen.

Für Incomings

IT_Student voice_Anisha Roy

"I commend you to just sign up, you wont be disappointed!"

Ms. Anisha Roy    
Informatics student - IMC Krems University of Applied Sciences, Austria



IT_DAAD Rise_Student voice_May 2023

"This experience was incredible! I learned a lot about coding and experimental design, and I feel that this opportunity will make me a stronger researcher in the future."

Lindsey B.
DAAD RISE - Research Internship
Fordham University, New York City, US

Erasmus+ ​

IT_Guest Wissenschaftler_Daniel_Valencia

"My research tenure at UniTyLab was marked by substantial academic progress and cultural exchanges. The warm reception from the university community, and the excellent facilities, created an optimal environment for advancing my PhD research."

Daniel Gaspar Figueiredo 
Guest Researcher 
Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV)