Tips for orientation to university studies

What should I study?

This is a question thousands of school leavers ask themselves every year. Many know that they would like to study in order to put their plans for the future on a relatively secure basis.
These 4 steps can help with orientation:

• Talking with parents, friends and relatives
• Career, study and personality quizzes
• Analysing your personal strengths and interests
• Detailed online / offline research


Orientation test for choosing a degree programme

With the orientation tests, your study and career-relevant interests and abilities are scientifically ascertained and explained to you in detailed feedback. Learn more about the study interest and orientation tests here:

Find your desired degree programme and a suitable university

If you would like to study or do a doctorate, you can find more information about what German universities have to offer on Hochschulkompass. The information is entered and updated by the universities themselves, so the information is always up to date.

Personal potential and skills assessment

In the orientation and decision-making phase it is helpful to structure the various information. What better way than starting with yourself.

Consulting Appointment

For in-depth, one-on-one counselling we recommend that you make an appointment. Appointments can be made by phone, by email, in person and via our online booking system:

Contact Persons

Studentin spricht mit Studienberaterin

What am I supposed to study?

We are sure this question came up to your mind at least once. Alot of young people leaving school know they want to study, but are unsure what to study. The following steps can help you with your decision.

  • talk with friends, parents or relatives
  • do an online test
  • think about your personal strengts and interests, it also helps to write them down
  • do reseach online and offline

Official Online test for study orientation by the state of Baden Wuerttemberg

Find the program that suits you best!

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