Our Mission


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Our mission statement expresses the common purpose and core values of all members of Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences.

Developed in a joint process, it outlines the mission and vision of Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences and serves as a long-term reference point and benchmark against which we can be measured.

To turn this vision into reality, strategies are derived from the mission and ideas are substantiated in a variety of projects which will be implemented and verified by designated project management and profitability accounting teams.

As a result, our mission and underlying values may serve as guiding principles in day-to-day decision making and prioritizing, allowing us to create and maintain an active spirit of common values at Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences.

Identity and commitment

We at Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences, with locations in Heilbronn, Künzelsau and Schwäbisch Hall, see ourselves as a centre of excellence for students, busi-nesses and society with special responsibility towards the region and unrestricted openness to the world. We are committed to constantly analysing and improving the quality of teaching, research and cooperative interaction, thus continuously strengthening our excellent position in this field.

Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences - for students

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Truly international

As an internationally oriented University of Applied Sciences with networks around the globe, we foster internationality and exchange by o ering a wide range of foreign language teaching programmes and courses for students from other countries.

Outstanding teaching

Through excellent, application-oriented and contemporary teaching we train our students to become qualifi ed experts and executives. Our approach includes capacity building – the ideal basis for excellent career opportunities.

Active students

We act on the maxim of the students’ active participation and involvement and therefore challenge and support independent thinking, while promoting each student’s personal development.

Attractive place of learning

As academic centre of the Heilbronn-franconia region, we promote interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and cultural life. Additionally, we o er our students a family-friendly, attractive and versatile place of learning and research.

Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences - for economy and society

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Academic training

Our wide range of academic training and continuing education programmes ensures transfer of knowledge and professional skills from the University of Applied Sciences to economy and society.


We strengthen economic development opportunities through the development of concepts for entrepreneurial initiatives at the University of Applied Sciences and its environment. At the same time, we promote self-reliance and entrepreneurial spirit of our members.

Lively transfer

As training ground for competent specialists and executives and platform for the transfer of knowledge gained at our University we also foster innovation in economy and society – to the benefit of Heilbronn-franconia region and beyond.

Networked research

Research at our institution is characterised by the integration of teaching and research when conducting joint projects with stakeholders and partners from industry and science. It thus supports knowledge exchange between academia and society.

Core values

We at Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences share common basic values which serve as orientation. They are actively brought to life through structures and processes and the way we work together.

Respectful interaction

An appreciative way of interacting with each other is the basis for any community. The way we act is characterised by mutual respect and recognition, fairness and ethics, open communication and exchange of information and, last but not least, the guiding principle of continuous improvement.


Diversity is one of the most important prerequisites for dynamic and successful interaction. We see ourselves as an institution which allows students to combine the demands of study and family life. This is the place where all people can develop to their full potential, regardless of age, gender, personal life plan, ethnic background or religious a liation and physical abilities.


A sustainable approach is oriented towards long-term goals and encompasses social, environmental and economic aspects. We at Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences are committed to both social and ethical responsibility. Our aim is to contribute to building a sustainable society through education, research and knowledge transfer as well as building up expertise and promoting up-and-coming academics.

Joint action

To act successfully means to act jointly and transparently. It also means to integrate all university members, locations, faculties, degree programmes and central bodies. Our decisions that are based on democratic principles are communicated via transparent and open processes. At the same time, we promote exchange of information and knowledge across all hierarchical structures and divisional boundaries. We encourage every member to contribute responsibly to the success of Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences.

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