Institute for Flow in Additively Manufactured Porous Media (ISAPS)

Projects & Partners


ISAPS is located at the interface between Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences, cooperation partners and transfer partners. ISAPS works together with academic partners as well as regional and national industrial companies with applied research questions in the field of porous media.

Areas of application are:

  • technical applications (e.g. filters, fuel cells, catalysts, paper and printing technology)
  • medical applications (e.g. brain tumor treatment, patient-specific treatment)
  • environmental applications (e.g. geothermal energy, underground CO2 storage)

On the one hand, the flow through the porous structures is illuminated. In addition, the topology optimization of porous structures is aimed for (e.g. the pressure loss for filters is reduced and the degree of separation increased). In addition, the use of 3D printers for various scales down to the nano-scale range is planned for the production of the porous structures.


Flow simulation of aerosol particle deposition on the fibers of a filter material

ISAPS topics

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