The Intercultural Mentoring Programme (PeerConnect)
looks at offering students to make friends, learn about other cultures, develop awareness of own cultural lens, strengthening the sense of community and creating a welcoming and inclusive campus.

International students receive individual support by high achieving German student mentors in the process of integration into the German culture and university system.

Application deadline : 01.10.2021

Your benefits

ECTS in General Studies 
Certificates for successful participation (in German and in English) as an advantage for future job applications and exchange semesters
2-4Exciting, unique workshops on intercultural communication and leadership  
Monthly Social events:  sports, cinema, museum, theatre, excursions


Lorena, Mentee aus Mexiko

„The most important experience in this project for me is that I could meet people from different countries and studies. Nowadays it is so hard to know new people in Germany due to COVID-19. When I moved to Heilbronn I thought I will be alone the whole master and nobody who can support me in some issues that can happen, however, I had the support of my mentor who is studying the same as me."

Elizaveta, Mentee aus Russland

„The most difficult parts for me personally were paper work, registration in the city, language barrier and integration. I was also confused about my arriving in terms of where should I go, how can I collect a key from my student apartments etc. I was wondering how I`m going to meet people in this Corona time. I had so many questions unanswered.
After getting to know Tina, I became more calm about all this issues I`m going to face. She was extremely helpful in any term of my question. She made me feel like there is nothing to be scared about, I felt like she will be always there to help." 

Lena, Mentor aus Deutschland

„Die interkulturellen Workshops waren sehr aufschlussreich durch seine diversen Aufgaben und behandelten Themen. Durch das Projekt habe ich eine sehr nette Person kennengelernt und von deren Leben und Kultur erfahren. Zu sehen, wie sich die Person nach und nach mehr öffnete fand ich besonders motivierend." 

Become Mentor & Mentee

Mentees are interested international students who plan to complete their entire Bachelor’s or Master’s studies at Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences

Mentees can also be international students from higher semester who are experiencing difficulties studying or simply want to improve German skills

Our mentors are senior students that help you to settle in and adjust to uni life. They'll provide you with regular support and advice, while helping you to:

  • Improve language skills
  • Contact with other students
  • Provide a better understanding of the new environment and culture
  • Support with information for everyday issues. E.g. borrowing books, buying bus tickets, going shopping together, etc.
  • Get to know the city and the region
  • Obtain Information about jobs
  • Insight into the structure of the university
  • Support with applying for a residence permit at the foreigners' registration office

As a Mentee, you are required to:

  • Have time to meet with mentors 4 times during a semester.
  • Have time available for monthly workshops and social events
  • Complete documentation sheet (meeting log)
  • Complete the final reflection at the end of the semester

Mentors are German students who are entering their second or higher semester of study from any study programmes at the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences

  • Expand your worldview! Learn from others about cultures across the globe.
  • Make a difference! It feels good to help others, and you’d be surprised to see the impact your kindness can make on someone else’s life.
  • Boost your resume! Develop intercultural, interpersonal, and leadership skills–transferable skills employers seek.
  • Gain 2 ECTS in Generale Studium
  • At least four face-to-face meetings with your mentees within a semester
  • Reach out to mentees once a week electronically or by other means (in addition to the required face-to-face meetings)
  • Participate in events organised by the programme
  • Participate in monthly workshops and info events
  • Complete documentation sheet (meeting log)
  • Complete the final reflection at the end of the semester.

Event Overview

Saturday, 11.09.2021

Stadt- und Residenzschlossführung in Ludwigsburg

For International First-Semester Students

Tuesday, 09.09.2021


International Student Orientation Webinars

(Degree-Seeking ,Access 2)

For International First-Semester Students

Thursday, 23.09.2021

Campus tour +  Free lunch at Mensa Bildungscampus

For International First-Semester Students

Saturday, 25.09.2021

Excursion to Sinheim Museum - IMAX movies

For International First-Semester Students

Wednesday, 06.10.2021

Virtual Library Tour (English)

For International First-Semester Students

Friday, 15.10.2021

Kick-off-Event + Get together at Burger Heart and English Movie in Kinostar Arthaus Cinema

For Mentors and Mentees

Saturday, 23.10.2021

Workshop: Intercultural Competence - How to navigate intercultural difference successfully as an international student and a mentor

For Mentors and Mentees

Saturday, 30.10.2021

Social Event

For Mentors and Mentees

Saturday, 06.11.2021

Social Event

For Mentors and Mentees

Saturday, 13.11.2021

Intercultural Communication Workshop in English (Part 1)

For Mentors and Mentees

Saturday, 27.11.2021

Intercultural Communication Workshop in English (Part 2)

For Mentors and Mentees

November (Date to be announced)

Info session with the immigration office

For all international Students

Saturday, 04.12.2021

Social event: Sport day at Climbing Arena

For Mentors and Mentees

Saturday, 11.12.2021

Social event

For Mentors and Mentees

Saturday, 25.12.2021

Farewell event

For Mentors and Mentees

Further Service

  • Pre-arrival supports for international students
  • Welcome service
  • Immigration advising
  • Accommodation advising
  • Individual assistance with personal other questions
  • Connection to many other programmes and services on campus.

Welcome brochure

This brochure contains information on questions commonly asked by international students. Undoubtedly, not every concern that you have will be covered here. If you have a problem, a good rule of thumb is to contact us at


Our missions

We aim to provide the services necessary for the needs of international students, to support the arrival of international students in Germany and at  Heilbronn University and thus to contribute to the academic success of international students as well as to promote the diversity and international experience of all students on campus

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