Decision making under uncertainty

Experimental economics

Trust in start-up investments

Machine learning and statistics

Digital marketing

Digital management

Digitization in tourism, sharing economy and vacation happiness research

Gamification of learning, digitization of education

Outsourcing in the process of digitalization

Digitales Personalmanagement

Entrepreneurial strategies to cope with uncertainty

Disruptive technologies

Smart City Mobility

Monetary unions

Growth-instability frontier and industrial diversification

FDI Flows and Regional Development; technology spillovers

Leadership; Coaching

Phraseology of business language

International management

Determinants of corporate investment

Investment effects of taxation

Two-stage spin off

Financial economics

Consumer behavior

Brand management, national brand; Country of origin

Marketing for organic products

Price differentiation and upscale evolution in luxury foods

Employer Branding und Arbeitgeberattraktivität

Personalentwicklung und Talentmanagement

Use of Schizosaccharomyces species (yeast) for acid degradation in wine production; taxonomy and ecology of wild yeast

International wine market

Mushroom-resistant grape varieties


Current legal issues for the tourism and transport industry

Tourismus policy and destination management

Familiarity and image in system and brand gastronomy

National and international accounting

German and international tax law

Contributions of international law and international relations theories to solving current global issues

Identification of core business law problems for corporate practice

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