PeerConnect - International Peer Support Programme

For degree seeking students, the study entry phase, in which an initially high motivation for the stay abroad is often severely challenged, is crucial for later study success. But even in later phases of study, linguistic difficulties (e.g. dialect, technical language) or cultural uncertainties (e.g. adapting to the German academic system) often remain challenging.

The PeerConnect project therefore relies on close support from students in higher semesters, guided by a structured program and supplemented with group activities and training. Depending on individual needs, the focus is more on language skills and getting used to everyday life in the university or on overcoming specific challenges in studying.

The financing of the PeerConnect program is currently based exclusively on project funds provided by the DAAD within the framework of the Stibet II program. The funding is therefore secured until 2023.

3 Pillars in the PeerConnect Project

International Student Support

  • Support for first-year international students and personal assistance before the start of their studies
  • Personal consultation via telephone/video chat
  • Assistance with the search for accommodation
  • Assistance with arrival preparation

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

  • Individual matching
  • Mutual agreement on goals and weekly meetings in tandems
  • Individual support of the tandems

Supporting Trainings

  • Reflection on the interaction between the mentoring teams and intercultural awareness.
  • Workshops on academic culture in Germany and on scientific work
  • Group activities (kick-off, mid-term and final events to define and reflect on the project goals, excursions and team-building activities)

Sponsored by:

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The PeerConnect project is funded within the DAAD programme "STIBET II - Model projects to improve the welcoming culture" from funds of the German Federal Foreign Office (AA).
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