New Professorships for the Region

With a House of Talents, the HHN promotes the transfer of (clever) minds

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With a total of EUR 430 million, the federal government and the federal states support universities of applied sciences in recruiting and developing professorial staff

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Together we are building the House of Talents

Heilbronn University plays an indispensable role in the region. It trains the next generation of skilled workers in a practice-oriented manner, researches and develops in application-oriented cooperation with the economy and is involved with other regional and supraregional partners in scientific-practice cooperation. To ensure that these services can also be provided in the future, the HHN relies on excellent scientific staff.

Demanding Dream Job

The demands on the appointment of professors represent a challenge for the universities of applied sciences (HAW). Often, career paths at the HAW are only poorly structured. At the same time, the requirement profile is high: in addition to scientific and didactic qualifications, extensive professional experience is required. however, recruiting from outside the university is difficult. Therefore, the job profile of the HAW professor must become more attractive and clearly more visible in the region.

Create Freedom and dare to do new Things

In order to support the recruitment and development of professorial staff, the HHN has raised funds as part of the BMBF program FH staff. With the establishment of a House of Talents, we will create the prerequisites for

  • the establishment of a strong employer brand,
  • making the HAW professorship more attractive and visible
  • the creation of clear and structured career paths to the HAW professorship
In addition to the existing research professorships, we are creating further innovative profile and focus professorships and implementing project-related, cooperative forms of employment together with partners from the region. In this way, we open up structured qualification and career paths to the HAW professorship for young academics. Together with our partners TUM Campus Heilbronn, Fraunhofer Kodis and the Research Center for Information Technology, we are piloting a total of six perspective professorships. In this way, we offer the scientific talents in the region tangible career options, from a master’s degree to a doctorate to a HAW professorship.

Talents for the transfer of ideas and knowledge

With our House of Talents, we develop sustainable structures and processes for proactive and networked talent management. In this way, we secure the long-term transfer of ideas and knowledge across heads between science, business and society. With cooperative personnel development, we want to think project and career more closely together in the future. We will therefore have a lasting effect on the region with the gradual establishment of a networking and cooperation platform and support the HHN scientists in their work in regional project alliances.

Partner und Förderer

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