Information about Corona

Status 11th March 2020

The German Federal Ministry of Science and Arts of Baden Württemberg has recommended measures to effectively prevent further spread of the new corona virus. The aim of the precautionary measures is to slow down the spread of the virus. In this respect, we are playing our part as a university when we temporarily reduce our direct personal contact with others. Therefore please consider the mentioned measures as appropriate safeguards to reduce risk of infection for everyone.

In this context the start of lectures of Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences has been postponed to April 20th.


An updated listing of risk areas can be found at the following link from the Robert-Koch Institute:


If you come from a risk area or have had contact to a person with suspected coronavirus, please avoid unnecessary contact with others for 14 days. This means that you cannot participate in any events at Heilbronn University during this time. If the event is compulsary, please contact your responsible lecturer by phone or email.

Following an announcement by the German Federal Ministry of Science and Arts of Baden Württemberg, the start of lectures for the summer semester will be postponed at all universities of applied sciences in the state. This also applies to Heilbronn University. The HHN's regular lectures will now not start on March 16th as planned, but probably on April 20th.

The Ministry has informed Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences that all excursions are to be cancelled until further notice and that student participation at conferences is also prohibited.

They also advise that participation at meetings be avoided unless viewed as being absolutely necessary.

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