Heilbronn University in emergency mode operation

Status March 17th 2020

Its buildings will be closed at all locations until further notice as of March 17th

Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences has worked together in recent weeks to contain the spread of the new coronavirus. The rectorate has been monitoring the situation daily. A crisis management team led by the Chancellor of the University was set up to cater for the eventuality of infection of a member of university staff and the therefore ensuing implementation of further relevant quarantine measures.

For several weeks, we have maintained close contact with the 3 respective regionally responsible health authorities and with our neighbouring establishments in Schwäbisch Hall, Künzelsau and on the Bildungscampus, as well as being in constant touch with our Ministry.

We will continue to keep you informed by email and the current status can always be seen on our website.

Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Martin Haag (digitalisation coordinator) we are working on switching to virtual lectures and are able to do this quickly following the government`s decision last Wednesday (March 11th) to postpone the start of lectures until April 19th. Nevertheless it will take time for everybody to become accustomed to the new learning format.
To fulfil their shared responsibility of keeping contact with one another to the bare minimum, the rectorate has made the following decisions:
  • Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences is in emergency mode operation as of March 17th until further notice. This means that there are only processes in place to prevent danger to life and limb as well as to counter the risk of significant financial damage.All further activities will only be dealt with in so far as it can be covered remotely.
  • The buildings of Heilbronn University will be closed at all locations until further notice as of March 17th with the following exceptions.
  • Employees will work from home as of March 17th until further notice.
  • Teaching and research activities will be exclusively virtual. Supporting functions are to be used primarily to safeguard emergency mode operations, with teaching and research as a second priority.
  • You will receive separate information concerning examinations and examination deadlines in particular, as many questions in this area need to be clarified.

In agreement with the DHBW, these regulations also apply to university libraries (LIV) at all locations.

„Until further notice“ means that normal operation will resume when so communicated by the rectorate. This will follow in due course in consultation with the health authorities and in close communication with the Ministry for Sciences, Research and the Arts.


As always, if you have any questions please contact your immediate superior and please contact your lecturer if you are a student.

In urgent cases, you can reach the Chancellor as head of the crisis team at: 0172/4120085 or at kanzler@hs-heilbronn.de .

Access to the University

If you as staff or professors should need access to the University to fulfil critical functions, please inform the site access manager of your arrival and departure.

If you urgently need to collect work material from the university in the next few days (for example if you were not on campus today), please contact the aforementioned site access managers. In the event that you want and must work in your onsite office, this is only possible in consultation with your direct superior. Again, please inform the site access manager of your arrival and departure from the building due to work safety reasons.

Working from home

As staff, you fulfil your professional and employment duties by working from home – also when you cannot do this to full extent due to lack of necessary technical equipment. Therefore you are not obliged to take holidays or use accrued overtime due to the current situation. If you have further questions regarding personnel issues, please contact the personnel department at: katrin.math@hs-heilbronn.de.

Contact of site access managers

Sontheim: 07131 504-500

Bildungscampus: 07131 504-500

Künzelsau: 07940 1306-170

Schwäbisch Hall: 0791 46 - 28 27 = Schwäbisch Hall building society security service (24 hour service)

We ask students to please understand that all parties involved must currently focus on adapting to the new situation and that answering questions by email or phone may take longer than usual.

We are currently faced with an exceptional situation and we are all trying to keep studies and examinations running. The start of lectures at universities for Applied Sciences is to be suspended until April 19th 2020. Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences is trying to use the time effectively until April 20th and organise appropriate study methods where your physical attendance is not needed. We would like to use the time effectively until lectures begin and offer the best possible educational content under the current circumstances. We understand that this is a difficult time and ask for your understanding, patience and commitment during this challenging time.

Contact emergency staff

You can reach emergency staff as follows:

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